Accidental penetration

The woman was lying with her legs bent in the knees and pressed to the chest. Her ass was raised with a pillow placed under. Between her legs there was II settled down and working with the pelvis, trying to cum but I could not. We had been banging long enough. She was so dripping wet that even the pillow was soaked all over. I did not feel the tightness of her vagina and that was another reason I couldn't cum. My partner had a cold and was coughing frequently.

As soon as she started to cough, the vagina contracted pushing my dick out. Had to re-insert and only then to proceed. Well the abundance of lubrication helped this process and the cock easily found the way. I did a wide swinging motions, almost out of the partner and re-plunging to the ground. she even warned me to be careful not to get into the wrong hole. I said I didn't care and we continued.

She once again coughed and pushed me out. Catching the cock with a hand I held it to her charms and I pushed. Going in, I realized that was that very «wrong» place. It was a bit tight, hotter and more enjoyable from the fact that the penis was tightly compressed from all sides. She quickly moved her ass, mumbled something and I could discharge. I felt a reciprocal contraction of her organ. I meant she came again. And then it started.

She began telling me such «tender» words! She awarded me with the most vivid epithets. There was a goat, asshole and swine and even many of those I was not even familiar with. She said she told me I would miss and hit the wrong place. As if I intended to fuck her ass. If I wanted to fuck someone's ass, I should have go and fuck a fag. And all that was said with my dick in her ass. She calmed down a bit and I could ask why she was so wound up.

It turned out that someone told her that if a man fucked a woman in the ass, he is sure to leave her. And I began to speak gentle words that quite opposite I had experienced new sensations and now I appreciate her much more and we can practice again and again, of course, if she loved the penetration into her ass. After a brief thinking she said she felt very nice and she even came in a moment. The only inconvenience was itching in the ass and slight weight in.

Saying that it would pass away, and the feeling of weight would be gone when she go to the toilet and release the semen out. I kissed her overworked ass on the cheeks, turning her on her tummy and thrusting a finger in her yet not closed anus and played there a little. She asked me to let her go and wash and not to touch anything yet in the ass, letting her get used to new sensations and relax. I was not against that proposal and we went to wash.


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