My first sex with older

Still being very young I realized that I like the women much older than me. My bright imagination gave me no rest: while jerking off I always imagined how this would happen with an older woman and me. Everywhere I met older women - in public transport, outside on the street, in a store, anywhere - those thoughts would not leave me alone. Their often lush and plump shapes gave me an incredible excitement I couldn't hide.

One day I happened to come into the store where there were two women surely over 40, and having seen the incredible beauty and magnificent shapes of one of them made me completely forget what I had come there for. My whole attention was focused on her and I immediately realized what drew the gaze of both of them to below my belly. My cock stood like a stake, it was hard not to see that, because I was wearing sweat pants. One of them was so confused by the sight that she started talking kind of nonsense, and almost immediately disappeared, but it was evident she loved what she saw...

It did not bother me, it rather made me more excited. The second one pretended that nothing had happened, but since that moment I had clearly understood that older women are interested in young men no less than young men are interested in older women. Being 19-year-old, I began surfing the Internet looking for the desired. The attempts to meet an adult woman hadn't immediately succeeded, and I decided to have a prostitute first in order to bring my most intimate fantasies to life.

I found the site with the topic needed, the mouth-watering passion was selected and now I'm calling her... In the first ten seconds of our conversation the rush of adrenaline took my breath away, I gathered my thoughts together and tried to make an appointment. She asked about my age and about the time available. She said I was very young, I got very embarrassed and fell silent... "Well, come on", I heard in the phone. I got ready, came to the store to take a bottle of beer and took a taxi. I hardly found the house I needed somewhere in the north part of Moscow.

And here I am at the door… bell rings... my heart stopped... the door opened and a smiling lush lady of about 45-50 appeared on the threshold. Seeing me, she was incredibly embarrassed and let me in not immediately... "Oh, so young you are!" she said... I struggled to portray a smile, inside I was all trembling with astonishment and excitement I felt. Hesitating for a minute she said she liked my smile (apparently she really needed the money, I guess) and I came in. It was like a fairy tale, she helped to remove my clothes, my cock got swollen so hard that could not be held in the pants. With a deft movement she pulled down my pants and let it out.

For a moment she froze looking at him. I could not control myself and began to stroke her gorgeous boobs of the 5th size with my palms, I felt her hardened nipples, they were huge and I really wanted to caress them with my tongue. At that time, she plunged my dick in her mouth and made a couple of forward motions apparently wishing to tease me better. I even shivered with pleasure, her mouth was incredibly moist and tender.

And then she abruptly removed it from her mouth and got up from her knees facing me. I was passionately kissing her and fondling her breasts with my hands. Our bodies clung to each other; I was incredibly wound up by the idea that what we were doing was a kind of taboo and unnatural. Then she turned to face me and allowed my cock to slip between her buttocks and barely touch the holes of her anus and vulvar lips. My balls almost buzzed with excitement. I asked her to take the cock in her mouth. She offered to lie down, and that was what I did.

She was doing a blowjob to me so nice as none of any young girl could do. She was deeply swallowing it, abundantly lubed the cock with saliva and periodically taking it out of the mouth and stimulating it with a hand, then greedily swallowing it again. Beer was giving its effect, I was able to control the load shooting and not to pour out in her mouth. Oh! How good she sucked, mmm... I asked her to stand in doggy style, pulled on a condom and plunged the penis into her vagina. Surprisingly it was very elastic and first I couldn’t easily insert it.

I was rapidly fucking her, she moaned aloud, I loved to take her from behind, to take a woman much older than me, the excitement reached its climax and I pulled out the cock, rushed to her mouth to cum in it. She greedily swallowed all that poured out of my dick, the rest of sperm was running down her palms. Then we repeated everything, and the second orgasm was even brighter than the first one. She was doing to me something that never had been done by a young girl. Since then, I constantly fuck older women and many of them can give a head start to young girls.

I have a few older mistresses and believe me - woman's life in 45 just begins.


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