Cheating in the toilet

Hi, my name is Kyrill, I'm 21, 180cm tall, brown short hair, go in for sports, in general, I take care of myself! My girl is 19, her name is Lena height 160cm, a spectacular girl with long blonde hair! It's the first time I decided to share my sex life with the readers, please do not judge my strictly, maybe you'll like the story.

Let's move on to the story. The events took place around 17: 00 , in a huge building which had cafes, a cinema, and many other facilities, but for us it's not so important.

We are sitting in the cafe: I, my girlfriend, a friend of the girl – Kate, and a friend who was at the wrong time and wrong place - Bogdan, and he had to come with us!

We are sitting here with the whole company, today is quite boring. I am sitting here watching the others and reading in their eyes "what am I doing here?", the atmosphere is not very good here. Kate looks at me in such manner that I am ready to cum in my pants, there are girls like that. I decided to go to the toilet to calm down. I'm not an outcast, but now I have a desire to take that bitch and fuck her.

I got up and went to the male toilet, I'm sure that Kate fucking noticed the tent on my pants. I hear someone calling me; Kate's running: long legs, short dress, high heels, catching up and hugging my neck as if not to fall down, and she blurts out to me:

- I told Lena that I need to go home, and I could not leave without saying goodbye to you, I did not know that Lena had such a handsome boyfriend.

- Thank you, you are also sweet.

I hug her ass, kiss her lips and take her to the toilet. Kate begins to resist, but I did not care, and she'd read my desire in my eyes.

We are in the toilet, in the stall, I put that whore on her knees, open my fly, and run my cock over her whore's eyes, she's looking up at me from the bottom and begging not to do anything to her, I slap her on the cheek and give the order:

- Open your mouth. Do it.

- Whatever you say, sir.

Kate took my cock in her mouth and began to suck the cock head, her hands touching my balls. In a minute I was pecking the mouth of that whore as if it was a pussy, saliva running down her chin. I pulled out my cock, leaned down over her face and spat in her mouth, she licked her lips and smiled. I turned her around and started to fuck her in the ass. That slut first was whining and then began to moan with pleasure. After I had fucked her ass, I came on her face. She looked up at me and said: «Thank you, I will say nothing to Lena, just be my Lord, please!» She knelt down and kissed my feet.

I agreed.


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