Overprolonged abstention

- Our motto is solid – we excite you and never let in! - playfully Lena said as we walked to her house. – My girlfriend in the country a year ago played three months with her boyfriend that way.

- You can’t do that, - I replied.

- Really...?

Halfway we stopped in the park. I pinned her to the tree, embraced and kissed. My hands grabbed her ass and began to push Lena to me. She felt my raised cock and put the right leg slightly forward, pushing on the dick thrusting to the pants. I had to loosen the grip because of extreme excitation. However, my girlfriend was not going to stop and gently continued pressing on my crotch.

- Wait...

- I wait, - jokingly she replied.

- I've almost cum...

- A-ha-ha-ha-ha

We kept on walking. Lena’s plan worked – she had been making me excited for the third month, but never yielded to me. And each time she promised she definitely would, I just needed to be patient with her. She even made me promise not to jerk off – she wanted all of my sperm! I did what I could to restrain myself, I had surfed the entire Internet searching the way to prolong the abstinence. I was advised to find another girl. But it was hard for me to begin a new experience, so I clung to the chance to lose my virginity, because I was already 20 years old!

- I love that you are faithful to me. Are you holding up?

- Yes...

- How many days?

- Three weeks, - with pain in my heart I said.

- And how long could you hold it back before me?

- Usually a week.

- I will reward you for your effort.

The apartment was empty. We quickly moved into the bedroom, and I began to undress her. Removing the panties, I began to lick her clit. I really wanted to make my first time memorable, so I wanted to bring her to orgasm. Lena sighed, moaned and rhythmically moved her stomach. Finally, she came. I lay down on the bed next to her. She turned to me and started stroking my side. I put her palm to my fly. She unzipped the pants and took my cock in her hand. But she didn’t hold it tight running her hand over it up and down very easy. Then I put Lena on her back, spread her legs and leaned over her, propping on my hands and putting my cock on her pubis. I wanted to drive in her, but she whispered: "don't."

- Insert it yourself.

Lena shook her head.

- You want me to do that?

- Now my mother’s gonna come home... wait a few more days...

I was stunned! She again lied to me! I'm full of cum, hung over a naked girl and have to hold it back being in two minutes from happiness! She’s such a bitch!

- That’s it, enough for me!

I got dressed and ran out of the apartment. My dick was standing all the way home, but I firmly decided not to see her anymore.


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