Hurt me

- Hurt me.

- What did you say? - he was sitting at his computer and didn't hear her words

- Hurt me, - she repeated a little louder. Her face flushed a little.

- What do you mean?

- Well, hurt me. Tie me up, flog...

Surprised he was speechless. And she continued:

- I tried to behave normal, but these fantasies haunt me. Every time you caress my breasts, I want you to squeeze them harder. Or when we do that... I want you to spank me on the ass. And these fantasies… they're not vanishing anywhere. I tried to hint you, but you did not understand. So I am asking directly - hurt me. - her voice was getting quieter and quieter, until she became silent.

For a while he digested her words. She sat in front of him. The head was lowered down. Her face hidden behind the hair was red. Through the shirt he could see her thrusting out nipples.

- Get stripped, - he ordered loudly. She raised her head and looked at him.

- I said, get stripped! Fast! - She pulled off her t-shirt and the shorts (there was nothing under)

- Now, lie on your stomach, - she lay down. HE pulled out a rope from somewhere. First her legs, and then the hands were tied to the bedposts. He put a pillow under the belly, causing her ass sticking up. She was trembling with fear. And the excitement suddenly came over her. He pulled a belt out of his pants.

- Whore! So these fantasies you have? How dare you think of such a thing, not even trying to tell me? Lustful bitch! You will be punished for that.

Whistle. The belt leaves the first red strip on her ass. The blow was weak. But she cried out with pain.

- Who gave you permission to scream, whore? - he said. He took her panties and shoved in her mouth. At first she resisted, but he was stronger. The panties filled her mouth. She almost immediately felt the taste of her juice.

- You like that, bitch? - he laughed and hit the second time. Stronger. She started, but couldn't scream because of the gag. And he began flogging her, increasing the force. She was very hurt, and tears were rolling out of her eyes.

Finally, he stopped. He began to untie her from the bedposts. And she already decided that her punishment would end. He untied her and ordered to roll over on her back. She could not object (the gag was still in her mouth). But her look was more eloquent than all words.

- Yes, yes, roll over, that's not all. Don't make me do this.

She obediently turned over. When her ass touched the sheets, she thought of a thousand needles sticking in her. She groaned.

- Spread your legs and be patient, - he ordered. - Now it will be worse.

She spread her legs, getting ready for the worst. He had seen her shaved pussy, shiny with secretions. He settled back, swung and hit right on it, trying to hit the clitoris. Even through the gag, her moan seemed very loud. Her eyes welled with tears. She tried to bring her legs together, but he did not let her do it.

- I told you - be patient! - he swung and struck again. Then again. And again. It seemed to her that she was going to die from this pain. After the tenth stroke, he stopped and looked at the result of his labors. Her cunt severely swollen and was bright red. Her body was covered with sweat and her face was wet with tears. The tip of the panties was sticking out of her mouth completing the picture. His cock was long up. He took off his pants, freeing his 20-centimeter of pride. He put his cock against her pussy and abruptly entered. She groaned. It seemed to her that her bottom was still burning. She was really hurt. He fucked her rapidly and deeply, with a force spitting on his cock. He placed his hands on her breasts and twisted her nipples from time to time. She just moaned and cried. He was so extremely excited that it took him just a couple of minutes to cum. He came on her belly. And lay down next to her.

They lay so for some time. Then he sat up and looked at her. She looked so humiliated... He was getting exited again. But first he decided to let her cum. He fell down to her cunt and began lick her, not touching the clit and fucking her with two fingers. Soon again he heard the moans. But those were the moans of excitement. She was pulling on his fingers. When the moans became particularly loud, he realized that she was going to cum. He pulled away from her pussy and re-entered her with his dick. She arched, groaned and came. Few aftershocks later he came and filled her with cum.

After lying still a few moments, he pulled the gag out of her mouth and hugged her. She turned her head to him.

- Thanks... - she whispered, putting her hand on his.

So they lay for a long time. She loved him. He loved her. And they were feeling good together.


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