Forbidden visit

Without words upon entering the room, I slowly began to remove my coat. I hung it neatly in the closet. Keeping that on, I was slowly pulling off each finger of the glove. Undoing each button on the black transparent dress. I stayed in stockings, with a collar on the neck, in high heel shoes... My master is a very strict, rigid, merciless lord. He loves to humiliate, erasing the name for a long time. 

My Lord was sitting in a chair. Without any mood and interest to me... I slowly sank to my knees. Moving the hips I crawled to him. Rubbing over his legs like a faithful cat. The master raised a hand, gripping my chin with a hand gently stroking my face. Kissing and licking his hand with tongue, I thanked the lord for the attention paid to me. And in order to wake up his appetite, I climbed up on his coffee table. Standing on the knees, I spread my legs wide apart my fingers touching my sweet, wet little pussy, I'm rubbing it wanking. Uttering a quiet groan of pleasure, drawing his attention.

He grabbed my hair, I am in pain and his rudeness made me close my eyes just listening to  his shouts... «Is that the best you got, you dirty slut?!» Turning my back to him, I'm still on my knees, the fingers spreading my holes, slowly moving my hips. Back... then forward... And each time speeding up the movements, thrusting my fingers into the cunt, relentlessly fucking it. Picking up the (rubber) dick, I started to insert the head of that cock in my narrow asshole. Watching that, I heard his breathing changing. I'm sitting on the table with the legs spread, continuing to thrust the cock harder to fuck my hole. Watching his eyes I saw how they changed. His mind was changing... His hand grips the penis that already did not fit his pants. He stood in front of me with the hand holding his cock, he began to shake it before my lips. He thrust it in my insatiable mouth, holding my head with his both hands, he was slowly entering me, uttering a wild groan of a male... My mouth was furiously sucking the head of his cock, then took his cock down to the ground. He firmly moved his hips. Pulling roughly my mouth on. Abruptly he grabbed me by the collar and dragged to the wall.

Chains were hanging down from the ceiling. He tied my hands roughly parting my legs, he slightly bent me forward, firmly sticking the fingers in he began to fuck my holes... His hands spread my ass cheeks, pushing his cock deeper and deeper. Grabbing my neck, biting my face, scratching my hips. Gripping tighter my body with his hands, continuing to fuck me hard. He lowered down my chains and I fell to my knees and began to suck his cock. Clutching his cock with my lips, feeling his legs squeezing my head, his strong hands holding my face. Ruthlessly fucking my mouth, leaving me without air... 

He untied my hands and sat in the chair opposite a large mirror. He picked up his cock wanking it. Watching me... I crawled to him on my knees, and listened to his words... «You're a bad... a very bad girl. And I should punish you for it. I'll fuck and watch my hard cock hammering your open holes. Listening to you moaning...» I sat on his cock... Feeling him entering freely into me. His hands were squeezing my breasts, squeezing my nipples. Harder pressing my body to his. He watched his cock sliding into my asshole... My fingers were jerking off my swollen clit. I was cumming with his cock feeling his warm sperm filling my ass...


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