Sudden sex

It happened during the May holidays. It was beautiful weather, people were getting out to have barbecues, and my friend called me and asked to bring his family to the country. I drove to him in the morning, we quickly gathered everything in the car and headed in the direction of the village. The road was not followed by anything interesting, and after I had brought my friend to the place, I hurried back to the city. Passing by the gas station I saw a pretty young lady of about 19 that was hitching a ride. Of course, I couldn't but picked up that beauty. In the car she greeted me and said that she also was going to the city. I just couldn't look away from her.

She looked supersexy: red hair, bright makeup, white top, it was transparant so her lovely breasts and small nipples were clearly visible, a mini skirt (very mini), sandals on the high platform, neat black pedicure and manicure, long nails. As for conversation she honestly seemed narrow-minded, but I was thinking about something else. She was as well, especially when she saw my tent on the shorts. Approaching the city we had a good conversation and did not notice as we drove up to the house where she lived:

"You're all right, boy", she said lustfully, and offered to drop in for a cup of coffee.

Of course, I agreed. She got out of the car and went forward defiantly wagging her ass.

We came up to her. As soon as the door was closed, she attacked me. We began to kiss like crazy, I lifted her up and carried her to the old bed. She pulled off my shirt, I began to massage her breasts and got rid of the top. When I thrust my hand under the mini, I found no panties and wet pussy I began to massage. The stranger girl began to moan and move rhythmically with the pelvis towards me. She wasted no time sticking her hand down into my shorts and pulled out my ready standing cock. I spread her legs and drove in and started slow motions gradually accelerating. She clung her hands over the back of the bed, moving towards me with the pelvis and started to moan and scream:

- YES, YES,... MORE, Fuck me FASTER.... 

Her screams intensified. They made me more and more horny and I fucked her faster, her breasts were twitching in time. While fucking her, I began to lick her fingers with a black pedicure on her feet... She was in seventh heaven. Tired of this position, I turned her around, put in the doggy-style position and decided to try anal. After inserting my dick I started fucking, and she began to move rhythmically from side to side, daring me.

Her ass was worked out well, I was certainly not the first one in there. Aroused and feeling quite a macho next to this little slut, I frantically began pecking her ass. She was moaning, screaming, and in the end exhausted and wet from sweat and from the flood of sensations she completely went limp... Taking the dick from her ass, I carried it up to her face. She immediately went to work with her plump lips. She started to jerk it vigorously, sucking and swallowing...

I was moaning and cumshot in the end showering her face, the hair and the breasts with thick viscous jet of sperm... We washed each other after mad sex, she gave me her phone number and kissed me.


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