Why hiding that? I have long secretly dreamed of my wife being had by anyone. This is a kind of my obsessive fetish fantasy.

I want to make things happen by her own will and consent, just like that! But, at the same time I don't want her to fall in love with him. Sex and only sex is supposed to bind them.

What ethnicity he would be is up to her to decide. I have no preference, I do not tend to regard the individual copulating with my wife as a person. No, let it be just a "male" with a big (necessarily) cock. Long, at least 18 cm, and good thickness.

I imagine that like this:

They are meeting outside on the street, he's got a great car, my wife is getting in and they slightly touch each other by lips.

My wife wears a tight dress that barely comes to the middle of her thighs.

For her 35 years my wife looks perfectly. Green-eyed, brown-haired, 173 cm tall, 98-68-100.

Long legs, lush hair, red plump lips.

When my wife sits down on the seat, her dress glides over the hips and her legs getting naked pretty high.

He takes her to the most luxurious restaurant, eating the most exquisite meals, drinking expensive wines.

Dancing under the beautiful music, and everything is greatly exciting my wife. She's all hot and dripping wet.

The nipples on her Breasts harden with excitement so that they are rather visible through the clothing.

Then, they go to a hotel. He rents a room, and they are getting settled on a huge bed.

My wife slowly pulls her dress off over her head. She has mind blowing and sexy lingerie.

Red, lacy panties and a bra, and black shiny stockings.

He is getting undressed as well.

His cock is huge, about 20 cm! My wife with fear and lust is looking at this monster. My wife has a very narrow pussy, and my 12 cm work not really good for her, so for him she is almost like a virgin.

My wife takes off her panties and stands in the doggy-style pose putting her huge boobs on the bed.

Her pussy is shiny with her juices, the man is slowly, trying not to hurt her, inserting his cock in her.

My wife's moaning aloud and screaming when the cock rests at her uterus.

The man pulls his cock out to give her pussy some rest and getting used to the size, while bringing it to the lips of my wife.

She willingly wraps the big head with her lips around and just pulls on his cock.

She skilfully sucks him, he moans louder, and soon, he cums right in her cute mouth.

She keeps his cum in the mouth for a while, savoring the taste, there is lots of it, her mouth is overfilled. In the corners of the lips appear some droplets of white liquid.


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