How I fucked the A-student

It happened in the early 2000s. I was about 19 years old. I studied in the Institute. Lived in a dorm. 

Time was hot: exams, session. And bad luck, I was on humanities. And now we're supposed to have the English exam where at school I always got mark three in best cases. And in our group there was a girl knowing English very good. Her name was Larissa. She was 18 and she was very attractive. Especially her chest. And then one day I turned to her for help:

- Larissa, help me with English, please.

- What's the problem? - she asked.

- Ummm... Well, the day after tomorrow we have exam in english. Could you help?

- Good. Come to my room tonight.

- Okay.

I was very happy. Maybe I could pull her on that day...

In the evening, just after I came to her. She was dressed in a red top and blue shorts.

- Hey, come on in, - she said, - So now we will repeat the times. There are twelve...

I got distracted and drew my attention to her chest. Damn it, how I wanted to touch it...

- Igor!

- What?

- You're distracted... So, the verb with -ing ending is...

Once again I was distracted. Damn, she is beautiful...

- Why are you distracted?

- Just...

- Oh , I see! You mean this, and she showed me her breasts.

- Uh, yeah..

Suddenly my dick stood up. She noticed that, stood up and locked the door.

- Come on, get undressed.

I took everything off.

- Now your turn, - I said to her.

She took off her top and the shorts. Before my eyes there appeared the bra and the panties of lilac color. With the light movement of the hand she exposed to me.

I pulled her closer and started kissing her, moving towards her chest. Larissa laughed and began to play with her nipples. In turn, I kissed them and nibbled a bit. Then she grabbed my cock and began to suck. 

- Yeah you're a good cocksucker, - I told her.

Then she began to swallow deeply. And in the midst I came in her mouth. A little bit got on her chest. 

I started to lick her vagina. After a few minutes she came with a gasp.

Then I fucked her in the ass. Yes, she was not a virgin. 

I moved slowly, then I rapidly began to move my cock.

I felt that soon I'd gonns cum. So I pulled out my cock and began to jerk off. When I came, I got on her chest and the face.

- Did you like it? - she asked.

- Sure.

- Let's do it once again.

- Of course.

Until late in the night we had been fucking, having tried almost all the postures.

By the way, I passed the exam in English. I graduated the Institute. I got a good job. I keep in touch with Larissa, sometimes we are recalling that preparing...


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