First strange experience

One day I met a girl by sms, this is no longer a rarity in our days. That was a kind of blind date. But Katya appeared to be a very beautiful and slender girl, with sky blue eyes and gorgeous chest voice. We met in a cafe, we drank coffee, and I offered to go to sauna (by far we both knew the reason why we had met). Katya agreed. I booked a room in the sauna by the phone and we slowly walked there.

Upon entering the room we hugged and started to kiss each other. Kate was trembling in my arms, her tongue was fluttering in my mouth. Slowly stripping her, I went on kissing her. Oh, those gorgeous lips! She was also not far behind, and she already undid the belt of my pants... Then we quickly undressed and now cuddled and caressed each other naked.

- Go to the steam room, Kate, - I said, and she just took my hand and led me to the door of the steam room.

From the moment we had entered the sauna, she didn't utter a single word.

We settled on the shelf, I gently embraced her, and she embraced me, her little hand was gently caressing my dick, and I stroked her back and the ass. Gradually it became hotter, our bodies were pouring sweat...

- Let me wash you Alex, - for the first time, she uttered something.

We jumped in the shower. Kate gently began to lather me with the gel, her hands were fluttering over me barely touching my skin, there was a feeling that her hands were everywhere at once. Her swollen nipples caressed my back, her fingers fluttered over my chest, the stomach, the pubis, touching my hardened cock, and it flinched with every touch. And there she turned on a cool shower. The body trembled with surprise, but she clung to my back and only whispered: "I want to surprise you, do not resist".

- Lean forward and rest your hands against the wall. – And I did what she told me.

Her small hands began gently caressing my buttocks, the fingers massaging them. I was blissfully happy. Then she pushed my legs wider and I felt the edge of her hand stroking my ass right between the buttocks. I shivered, it was unexpected and nice. It lasted long enough, I was moaning softly from the pleasure and Kate echoed me. Looked like she she loved it as well. I felt she began kissing my ass cheeks, massaging them with her hands... and then her tongue ran right over the hole of my anus. I flinched, but the tongue continued this sweet caress, it ran over faster and faster, then suddenly she stopped and the tip got inside and again quickly ran over the hole. I was exhausted, my cock was flinching with those caresses. How long it lasted I do not remember, I lost the sense of time.

- Don't move Alex, wait a bit, - said Kate and ran to the dressing room.

While she was gone, I was still shivering, I have never received such caresses. But she came back. I felt she was lubing my anus with something cool and saying: "Relax, it will be fine." I said nothing, I was ready for anything. First I felt her finger massaging the very entrance, gradually getting inside slowly. I instinctively strained my ass, but Kate stroked me and whispered, "Relax, this won't hurt". Now her finger was easily moving in my ass pacing up and then down, and sometimes moving inside. My knees were giving way.

- Get down on your all fours, you're so sensitive that standing won't work well, - and I immediately stood up in a doggy-style pose.

Kate re-inserted the finger into my anus and continued movements, I was shaking, my ass was throbbing, I was over the moon with bliss. But she pulled out her finger and I felt something bigger touched my anus and vibrated in there. I was about to say something, but that something was already in the ass and seemed to be very deep in, and the vibrations just freaked me out. I was moaning sweetly, I was shaking all over, I felt her grip on my dick... My ass vibrated, her hand gently massaged my cock... It darkened in my eyes and then with a cry I shot with cum...

I woke up lying on the side, I was still shaking. Katya stroked my hips and the ass. She was smiling.

- Alex, I'm going to remove the vibrator, just don't bother, I'm gonna do it slow.

It was a separate thrill.

It was my first strange experience.


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