Ultrasound scan by a young girl

I was 18, when I was sent to do an ultrasound scan of the scrotum. On the day I packed up and went to the clinic. It was terribly hot outside, unusual for early June. The doctors said that I had everything alright, but I should be checked anyway. I was waiting in the queue and worried a little. I thought about some old woman touching my dick, or vice versa, there would be a young woman and I would have it up (that was I feared most).

My turn was coming and I had to go in, still I was not called to come in. I was still sitting and waiting. There a young girl came up on our floor. She didn't look older than twenty. She had a very pretty face, straight blond hair and a great body. She was wearing denim shorts revealing lovely legs, and black shoes on her feet. Her gray top did not reach the shorts and I could see a little part of her strong belly. Her sexy tits were sticking out above her flat tummy.

My dick immediately swelled up. She knocked on the office door where they do ultrasound and came in. In a minute the doctor left the room.

- You remember everything I taught you? - she asked the girl.

- Yes, yes, mom, - she replied with a tender voice.

- I’ll be back in an hour. I have warned other doctors you'll be my replacement, so it’s gonna be alright, - the doctor said and ran down the stairs.

I tried to think about anything, but not about the girl to appear before her with a boner. The signal sign lit up above the door, and I came in.

- Give me your papers, - she said.

I gave her a piece of paper and sat down on the bench.

- Well, if the scrotum, then get undressed, - she said and I obeyed.

While I was getting undressed and laying on the bench, I asked her why she replaced the primary doctor. She told me that in September she would be entering the Medical University and she already knew much enough and could easily do the job.

I took off my pants and lay down on the bench. She took the device, smeared it with gel and began to run it around my balls. Several times her fingers slightly touched my cock making me very excited. I tried not to think about it and control myself for my cock wouldn’t get up. Then she ran out of gel and she went to the cupboard, bent down... and that was the last straw. When she turned around my cock was standing like a stake. The girl, slightly open-mouthed, was staring at my cock. She slowly walked over to her seat and continued to drive the device around my balls, constantly looking at the cock.

- I'm sorry, I couldn't control myself, - embarrassed I said.

- That’s natural, - she replied.

- May I? - suddenly she asked.

- What do you mean?

- Oh... May I touch it? I just never saw the excited penis, and certainly I did not touched one, - with a smile she said quietly.

- Certainly, - I answered.

She sat closer, took my cock in her hand and began wanking it. She did it very gently.

- You're awesome, I told her.

She smiled and went on. I really wanted her to blow, but she didn't do it, then I told her - "Can you do the same with the lips?".

- Oh, no - she replied and removed her hand from the dick.

- Oh, come on. Once you start, you can go on. Try it, - I was insistant.

She moved closer, threw her hair back, leaned forward and slowly started to swallow the cock.

I put my hand on her leg and slowly began to stroke her, it excited me even better. I knew that since she was in such a doubt agreeing to take the cock in her mouth, so she's definitely not going to allow to cum on her. She sucked another 3-4 minutes. She was pacing up showing that she seemed to like it. I felt I was close to cum, but I didn't want to say anything, so I did it in her mouth. She quickly pulled my cock out, but did not move away and I came over her cute cheeks.

- You're just gorgeous! – I said with admiration.

- Thank you. This is my first experience, - she exclaimed cheerfully.

- Well, actually for me it was also for the first time. Especially in such an unusual place, - with a smile I replied.

She walked over to the sink, washed her face and rinsed the mouth.

- By the way, my name is Vika, and yours? - with a smile she asked.

- I’m Anton. May I have your phone number? – I asked hoping to repeat.

- Sure. Write it down, - said Vika and gave her phone number.

- Well, and that is mine... - and I told her my number as well.

We smiled to each other and I left the office.


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