Once with husband

It was a normal night. I came home from work. Undressed I went to the bathroom, washed, put on red lacy panties, light robe and went to the kitchen to cook dinner, but as it appeared I didn’t have to: my husband Vladimir had already made everything. We were sitting, eating and talking about work and about the trip with our friends. After dinner I washed the dishes, cleaned the table and went into the room to have a rest. It was summer, the heat was +35C, I opened the balcony, lay down on the bed and closed my eyes. 

I woke up from the fact that my husband had slipped under the blanket next to me and began massaging my breasts. I was pleased and turned to him. I started kissing his lips, the cheeks and the neck, gradually becoming excited. We were kissing and I felt his cock resting against my stomach. I pulled down a hand to him and started stroking the penis through the shorts.

I turned on the back and he fell on me kissing my neck. He untied the belt of my robe, opened it and began kissing my chest: he licked it, biting a bit and sucking, thus making my panties wet and hot under them. Sensing that he descended lower and lower until he reached my pussy, he began rubbing my clit with a hand and having pulled my panties off, he diligently began to lick and kiss her, each time penetrating deeper. 

Oh, God! He was doing that so nice that I came in two minutes on the peak of orgasm. 

Noticing that Vova got up, pulled off his shorts and sat on the bed. I started to kiss him getting down lower to his cock. I was jerking it with a hand, then I took the cock head in my mouth and began sucking and licking. Vova was groaning and moving his hips towards me, he thrust his dick deep into my throat, making me choke and cough, but soon I got used to it and started to shove his cock deeper. After 10 minutes he came in my mouth, I swallowed the cum with happy face and was about to put on a robe, but Vova turned me back to him, bent me down on my all fours and stuck the dick into my pussy. I was moaning, groaning and gasping, leaning on the edge of the bed.

Vova was fucking me in the pussy, I was rubbing my clit, and after a while he ejaculated in me. He threw me on the bed, raised my legs, wet his finger with saliva and began slowly shoving it in my anus. One or two fingers were entering my anus, then he moistened his cock and thrust it in my asshole. I moaned, he jerkily shoved it in down to the balls and began moving rhythmically. I moaned, clutching the pillow, then after a while I relaxed and after he had fucked me in the ass he quickly pulled it out and came on my stomach and the chest. He got off me, we lay down and kissed, stroking each other, then we fell asleep. In the morning we woke up, but now I was the one to take all the initiative in the hands and we again made love, but that's quite another story!


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