In the pool with friends

My friends have something like a private swing club, and we often arrange thematic parties. One of the guys has a sauna with a large swimming pool at his country cottage. So we decided to spend one weekend there. However, we used only the pool.

It happened so that the girls got down to each other, and I was left alone with the boys. So I said: "Are we gonna just sit still and bored?" taking the swimsuit off. I told my boyfriend, "Honey, come to me." He comes over and I pull his swim trunks off. I reached out, stroked his cock with a palm, a little of hand-job until he turned to stone, and then I touched the head with the tongue. I swallowed the cock head completely in and began to suck.

Then the guys came up to us, stood on both sides and began to masturbate. I reached around and began to do it myself. Then I began to suck their cocks in turn, caressing their heads with the tongue, and jerking free cocks at the same time. So, I’m standing on my knees completely naked, sucking the dicks of three guys. I turned to my boyfriend and pulling my mouth on his cock each time swallowing more and more.

Judging by the happy moaning, he loved it. Continue polishing the cock with my lips, pulling it out completely and swallowing it to the max again. My hands were caressing the other cocks. I feel his cock hardened, I wanted to pull it away, but he does not let me do that and cums in my mouth. I swallowed and licked him clean.

My boyfriend moved away, I was put in the doggy-style position, the second guy takes my head and begins to pull it on his cock. I'm trying to let it deeper. The third one got a place from behind. A couple of times he ran his cock over the lips and slid into the pussy.

So they were pulling me on from two sides. Suddenly, the penis vanished from the pussy, I spun my ass and moaned protesting and asking for continuation. Then my mouth was also released, I looked at all three of them.

My boyfriend is sitting in the hair, his cock sticking out like a trumpet. He beckons me, waving his hand. I go closer and sit on his cock. He plunged all in and I start to jump on him. I make a few moves and the orgasm comes over me, it gets dark in the eyes. I freeze on the penis, my body is slightly shaking, and a stifled moan comes out of me. I'm still jumping on the dick, slightly leaning forward, my face is just before the third guy's cock.

I opened my mouth wider, letting him in. As soon as he drove in my mouth, I begin to suck, not forgetting to use the tongue. When moving it's not so easy to suck, so I mostly work with the tongue. Then I move him away, stand up and tell my boyfriend to lie down the floor on the bath towels I threw on over there. He lies down, I sit on his cock facing him, the other guy immediately takes the place in my mouth.

Another guy massaged a little bit my third free hole, lubed it with special anal lubricant, put my cock against it and began plunging in. My boyfriend froze, giving the opportunity to get in quietly. He presses harder, the head slips in and now the whole cock is in there. He begins to move, thrusting it deeper until it's all in.

My boyfriend is slowly trying to move. Then they change places several times, everyone had been everywhere. Lately I really love when the guys cum a lot in my mouth and on the face. The guys know that because when one of them is going to cum, they stand around me sitting on the knees, I take one cock going to cum in the mouth caressing its head swallowing almost all in and he starts to cum in my mouth.

The others were jerking off. So my boyfriend is ready to cum, he walks up to me and shoots the load on my face. Then it's the turn of the third, a couple of times he pulls my mouth on his cock and starts to cum. I take the cock out and cum flies on my face. I get up and go to shower. Naked Julia appeares, they must have finished as well now. We are smiling to each other. I tell her: "Now it's your turn"...


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