The wife of my friend

One day, my friend, being in business trip, called me with a request to visit his apartment and find out why his wife did not return his phone calls.

I got dressed and went out. I came through the entrance and then for a long time I was pushing the doorbell button.

Finally, the door opened, and Ann, the wife of my friend, let me into the apartment. She had a sleepy face, it was clear that she was deep asleep, and that was the reason for long not opening. We walked into the room. Beside the couch there stood a coffee table with two bottles of brandy, and one of them was almost empty. There were fruits on the dish, and a small saucer with sliced lemon, plus an open bar of chocolate. I noticed that the glass was only one. So, she was drinking alone.

It was something new. I asked what had happened. With drunk voice she explained that she had an argue on the phone with her husband.

Ann took out another glass and poured brandy for me. We drank and I went to the kitchen to boil the water to make tea.

Back in the room, we drank more. Knowing that I'm a good cook, Ann asked me to cook something. I went back to the kitchen.

I took the products from the refrigerator, I went to drink some more, and found An asleep deeply. I took the brandy and moved to the kitchen. About an hour after I finished cooking and returned to the living room.

Ann was still asleep lying on her stomach. Her robe rode up, revealing slender legs and taut ass in the black thongs. I called her - no reaction. I began pushing her on the shoulder - useless.

I really like Ann, and I used the opportunity to watch her. I was as if mesmerized. I raised my hands up to Ann's hips and pulled her panties down. They slid down to her knees. I pulled them completely off and admiring her ass and shaven pussy. For a better view, I spread her legs apart.

I stroked her thighs, kneading the ass. By chance, my fingers touched her vulvar lips. Ann stirred but did not wake up, she only lifted up her ass.

And then, I decided to take a chance. Turning Ann on the side, I pulled the blanket from under her and rolled in the platen roller. I turned her back on the stomach, so that the cushion raised her ass. I again began stroking her buttocks, the legs, and caressing her pussy with a finger. She wouldn't wake up, she was only shaking her ass.

Then I saw a rubber buddy sticking out from under the pillow and a tube of moisturizer. I lubricated the rubber cock with cream and turned it to Ann's pussy. I began pecking her pussy with the rubber friend, but she never woke up, still moving upward.

I stood up, leaving the rubber cock sticking out. I came up to Ann, stood in front of her face and pulled out my long–standing boner. I ran it over her lips. My fighter penetrated into her mouth. Never opening her eyes, she began sucking it.

Then I turned Ann on her back, untied the bathrobe. She wore nothing underneath.

I caressed her breasts, her pussy. And then I threw her legs on my shoulders, I thrust my fighter in and began fucking her.

My dream has come true. And again Ann is lying on her stomach with the roll of blanket under. Her ass raised up. I'm entering her. I'm coming in and Anya is making upward movements. I took a cream and smeared her anus, and the fighter was into her chocolate stain. Unopposed, I gently entered her ass. Soon I came, splashing on her back and the buttocks. I didn't know he is anything. But she behaved like nothing happened.


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