Cinema for adults

I'm a girl of 22 years old. My boyfriend and I love experiments and once in Amsterdam we went to the cinema for adults. I was wearing a short skirt and a t-shirt, I had no bra, I have beautiful tits and I love to expose them, especially when the nipples are swollen. 

We sat in the next-to-last row. There were were about 10 people in the cinema, but only we were a couple. After 5 minutes I was so horny that my hand reached into the shorts of my boyfriend, I took his cock in my hand and began jerking it, at first a little shy because to my right at one seat distance there was a man and two more in the rear row. After another 5 minutes I was openly wanking him pulling his big dick out of the shorts. At some point his strong hand took me by the hair and bent down to him. I began to suck paying no attention to anyone. 

Having thrown a glance around I saw 2 men watching us and jerking off. And the one on the right moved to the seat behind me. I was so excited! I could feel my panties were already wet. I arched sideways to make it easier to suck and could not feel my skirt rode up and my soaked through panties became clearly visible.

My boyfriend also became very excited. He is proud of my body and loves showing it off to others, knowing that I belong only to him. The man to my right was jerking off so actively on my ass that at some point I felt him being literally breathing into my pussy and suddenly I felt the sliding movement of his hand over my ass. I didn't bother. On the contrary, I arched like an equilibrist showing that I was ready for anything. He began to stroke me and run his fingers over my pussy through the panties, then he moved them to the side and stuck a finger in me. 

Two from the back seats saw that picture and joined us as well. One of them stuck a finger in my ass. I had a great pleasure and was moaning aloud to the whole room, sometimes louder than the actresses in the movie. I posed doggy-style on the seat turning my booty to the man on the right and he immediately plunged in me. I felt my juice flowing over my legs. 

My boyfriend got up and turned my head to the back row so I realized what to do. I took the cock of one of the guys in my hand and then right in my mouth. I was sucking deeply, sometimes licking his balls while I was being fucked in the doggy-style position. Then I sucked the second one and I felt their dicks swelling up.

Then they changed the places and I took the cock from my pussy in the mouth while they began to fuck me in the ass. What a thrill! My boyfriend is jerking off and I'm being fucked by three males. Holding a big dick in my mouth I felt hot cum pouring over my tongue. I swallowed a part of it, but the most of it I spat on the chin and the chest, then the second guy thrust his cock in my mouth and before finishing he got him out and turned to my face. There was so much of sperm that there was no dry spot on the face. What a pleasant taste! The third one pulled his cock out of the ass and shot his load so that the cum poured into the pussy and over the legs. 

And now I'm all wet turning to my boyfriend and he shoots into me all he had accumulated inside. There was so much of sperm, more than those three had together. He splashed it on my face, the chest, the neck, and then I took the cock in my mouth and licked it over to the very last drop.


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