I'm a secretute

It was in the evening. At my 18 I wanted to enter the University, but I failed. My name is Victoria, I have a great figure, height 160cm, weight 49kg, gorgeous breasts of 2-nd full size and beautiful legs, brown hair and brown eyes.

I work as a secretary of General Director in a rather large company. Fedor Vladimirovich was a charming man of 45-46, with green cat like eyes, broad shoulders, plump built, with gray hair at the temples which gave him a good sexy look.

I often noticed his dirty looks and snide smile. By the way, he was always very kind to me.

It was July, the height of summer. Our company had signed a major deal, and one evening he called me to his office. I knocked on the door:

- Fedor Vladimirovich, did you call for me?

- Yes, Vika, come in, sit down.

- May I ask you, why you have called me.

- Vika, I could give you a raise, but you will have to do some good work.

- I don't understand, what do you mean? - I again saw that lustful smile, and his flashing eyes.

- The fact is that I want you since the first day of your being here, and I noticed more than once you swaying your hips intently. You have a dress like a girl from porn, the tone of your voice, your smile, the eyes. Tell me frankly that you want me too.

I didn't know what to say, because I really tried to seduce him.

- Fedor Vladimirovich...

- Please, just call me Fedor.

- Fedor, I did nothing of the sort..

- Do not lie, I saw everything perfectly well, so come to me… - With these words he came closer, ripped my blouse, and began kissing me passionately.

- Let me go! Let me go, I don't want to!

- Don't fight!

- Let me go, - I screamed again.

- Shut up, bitch! He slapped me on the face and I flew off to the side of the door and cried.

- All right, honey, come here, I'm sorry.

I got up and walked over to him.

- And now suck it.

- What?

- Didn't I make myself clear?

- No, I won't!

- You are arguing with me? - He unzipped his trousers, grabbed my hair, and put his tool in my mouth. Fedor was fucking my mouth so hard and rough, but I was beginning to like it. And It became better. I started to suck it softly. This lasted about 30 minutes, I was already dripping wet like the worst bitch.

- Lie down on the table.

I obediently complied with this order. I stood on my all fours waiting for him to fuckk me.

- Vika, you're all wet, you little whore, beg me to fuck you.

- Please, fuck me! Fuck me! I'm your dirty slut, bad girl, so punish me!

Less than in a second he drove his cock in me. He fucked me so hard and so fast that I went crazy with pleasure. So he fucked me for about an hour, then we came almost simultaneously and a powerful jet of sperm hit me in the pussy. I haven't had time to come to senses from orgasm, as I felt something resting against my ass. He wanted to fuck me in the ass!

- No, please, don't! I have never had anal sex!

- Then I'll be the first.

Immediately after these words, he drove into my ass. I moaned with pain and cried out, but he didn't listen to me. 30 minutes of torment and he came.

- You're just an unreal whore! Now I'll fuck you whenever I want. Did you like it?

- Yes, I did.

After that he gave me a lift home.

- See you tomorrow, sweetheart.

- See you tomorrow, - and I kissed him passionately.

I knew it was not just an office romance, and I would find an approach to him, and then I'd become his official mistress and, perhaps, his wife.


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