A letter to the girlfriend


I decided to entertain you with the details of such a simple pleasure as spanking with a belt. The girl should be put in a comfortable position. Of course, comfortable for me. This position is very simple. The girl is totally naked and on her knees. Then she leans forward and presses her face to the floor. The hands are behind her head. The girl is not allowed to change the position. And the most important – she may not remove her hands from her head. The important part of this posture – the thighs are exactly perpendicular to the floor.

It gives me the opportunity to see the open pussy and the anus of the girl. This is very important as an element of humiliation. Usually I don't start smacking, just watching. After a while she realizes that her appearance is humiliating and disgusting. She realizes that her genitals are open to view. This humiliation usually provokes the girl to cover up or change position. But I don't allow that and the spanking begins. The belts are different. This time I will tell you about a new belt. It is made of very soft leather. Leaves no bruises. The blow is very painful and loud. Just what you need for a funny game.

Blows on the ass. Usually, five on each cheek, crossing. They leave bright pink marks. But the blows on the ass are too simple and boring. The other thing is flogging on the hips. Here it is possible to swing properly and make ten times on each thigh. It turns me on. But not the girl. Experienced girls can easily withstand these attacks with no whining. My favorite game - spanking inner thighs. These places are very sensitive and erogenous. For this spanking we need to change position. The girl widely spreads her legs and her hands are holding the legs under the knees. So the strikes are very painful, the legs would involuntarily move, so she needs to keep them steady so I can be undistracted from the process and do not need to fix the right position after each blow.

Oh, and now I start the fun. After the first blow, the girl's body shudders, and after five strokes the tears are pouring with streams and the girl's body is shaking. It's very difficult to hold on this position, it's hell painful, and the girl needs to stay still because the wrong posture make me punish her even more severely.

Five blows on each leg. It is really painful and cruel. After such flogging the girl chokes with tears. Her body is squirming.

I calm her down. I kiss her on the lips, but again i put her in that position, I don't let her get up. And for dessert I make the final blow. Widely swinging, I hit with a belt her wide open pussy.

Oh, how many tears and crying I pull out of her girlish chest with this final blow!


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