Incredible sensations

One day I was going home from work and thinking of yesterday's quarrel with my husband: I suspected him cheating on me, as we haven't had sex for about two months. I wasn't offended by that, because anything could happen. The next day I would have a birthday, so I go home and do not anticipate any special events on this day.

I'm coming home, taking off the shoes, facing the front door and taking off my coat and then my husband comes up behind me and helps me to take it off, he hangs it on a hanger and tells me:

- I have a surprise for you! Come into the room?

I'm so excited and I asked:

- I'll come, what's the surprise?

- Come in and you'll see for yourself!

I came into the room and there is a new bed with the headboard of heart shape. It is very large like two beds with silk sheets of red and with lit candles around.

I'm stunned, because my husband is a military man and he has never done anything like this in five years of marriage!

He abruptly turned me to the wall pressed me to it and then began kissing me passionately, I got aroused even better just for seconds. He kisses me on the lips, then down to the neck, biting my ear, then with sharp movement he breaks my t-shirt and covers me with passionate kisses, biting my breasts a little. Then he goes down with gentle kisses to my belly, rests the lips at my skirt, takes a few breaths, (I feel his incredibly hot breath) and breaks it right on top so easy, as if it were a piece of paper.

He lifts up my hands up to the wall and his cool hands are running over me from the lips to the chest. He takes my nipples in his mouth and his hands are running down into my panties, holding a finger between vulvar lips, and his middle finger enters the vagina, and the othe finger getting in the ass. I was overexcited and I caught an incredible orgasm. He realized that, grabbed me in his arms and laid me on the bed pounding at me like a wild beast.

He spread my legs, unzipped his fly and took out his dick driving it over my pussy. I was moaning softly (I had the impression that he is running his penis between the labia, as if about to enter me, but he doesn't) still he decides to taunt me: he is spreading my lips with one hand, and licking my clit and the fingers of the second hand stimulating a little the vagina and the ass. It lasted about 15 minutes, during that time I came twice.

Then he abruptly turned and put me on my knees on the bed, put my head on the bed, parted my legs and it turned out that both my holes appeared at his disposal. He teased me a little more with two fingers so I got more excited again and his tongue played with my anus, and finally he drove in me me right down to the balls, he began to fuck me like a bitch, but I was so excited and I absolutely loved it. He fucked me gently, then quickly, in the meantime massaging my anus with a finger. Then in the same position he spread my buttocks and stuck his cock in my ass, and started to move, slowly, then quickly and then my darling pulled out his cock and came on my ass. I felt a warm stream was flowing over my legs.

I kissed my husband tenderly, thanked him for the surprise. That was the first time we got such a delight from sex and finally he realized that the romantic arrangement should be done not only by a girl but also by a boy, since he receives no less fun!


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