Long waiting

While we are going by bus, I'm trembling with anticipation. Soon we come to the empty apartment of my uncle and make passionate love. His hand was stroking my leg, slightly squeezing it with excitement showing his desire to possess me. I tried to control myself, but it was barely possible for me: I bit my lip, jerking my leg and fumbling the hem of the dress with my hand. Finally! Our stop! His eyes flashed with fire. We walked rapidly towards the house of my uncle. We quickly ran upstairs, holding hands. Approaching the door, frantically with trembling hands I was opening the door. After a few seconds of hesitation, I finally was able to insert the key into the keyhole and unlocked it.

As soon as we came into the apartment, he grabbed me by the waist and abruptly pulled me closer. We began kissing passionately and then slowly came up to the bed. Having approached it, he sat down on the edge and leaned back propping on his elbows. I took off my dress and threw it aside, remaining in my underwear and stockings. He also took off his shirt still staring at me and watching my actions. I sat in front of him on the knees placing a small pillow under for comfort. I started stroking his knees rising higher and higher until I reached his cock making a big tent on his pants. 

I opened the fly and pulled his pants off. I wanted to feel again the taste of his cock in my mouth. I took his throbbing organ and started to cover it with kisses, then I began to lick it from bottom to top with my tongue. I clasped the penis with my lips and began moving my head back and forth, gradually increasing, then slowing down the pace and taking the cock deeper in. Mouthing the head, I began to drive my tongue quickly over it. Then I licked it over. His penis was wet with my saliva. I looked into his eyes, and it was hot and humid between my legs.

I took off my bra and opened my lush boobs with swollen with excitement nipples. He stood up, walked up to me and started stroking my body with his warm hands covering me with kisses. Then, slowly sinking down, he pulled off my panties and continued to stroke me lower and lower, his hands on my butt. He was kissing my stomach by that time.

On the bed he put me on my all fours and holding my hips gently he drove in me. At first he was moving slowly, as if fearing something, but then he began to increase the pace and the strength of the blows. Wet heard typical wet sounds. Soon I felt the approaching orgasm - every time he makes me pleased just with a few movements. A couple of strong spurts, and I felt that sweet sensation making me hear the ringing in the ears.

I had cum, so I had to help him to do that either. Kneeling down, I again took his cock in my hand, put it between my breasts and then squeezed them. My tits closed around the cock. He began driving it between to and fro, doing that continuously and rapidly. I stopped his movements from time to time taking the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it. A few minutes later he came on my chest and I smeared and rubbed the sperm over my body.

Every time he fucks me, I feel an incomparable excitement. This is the most wonderful sensation I have ever experienced. I looked at him lying over there and smiling, and I smiled back. I love him.


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