We invited a friend

My wife and I have been living together more than ten years, and it seemed to me that our sex should be diversified to make it more vivid. I met a man via the ads, his name was Vladimir. With the permission of my wife I invited him to our home and our condition was desire mixed with fear.

My wife Natalie agreed with me in fantasies. And here we are at home: we sat down, drank a little, talked, I think then what? Music in our bedroom, I invited them to dance and we went dancing.

I hugged the wife from behind, he from front. A slow song. My excited cock rested against my wife‘s ass, and embraced Volodya and pressed him against Natalie. By her breathing I realized that she was fine with two standing cocks rested against her. I started to kiss her neck harder and pressed against Volodya. I led them to our large bed. I sat down, Natalie on my hands, and Volodya remained standing.

Natalie would not let go her hands, and she turned her face against his crotch. She quickly unbuttoned his pants and began to suck Volodya’s dick. I kissed her neck, sometimes she gave me his cock. He plunged it for several seconds in my mouth, I felt his firmness and tried to suck.

So my wife involved me in blowjob. I started to undress my wife and she helped me frantically. Vladimir quickly undressed as well and stood ready to continue. I lay down on the bed, and Natalie started to suck my dick, swallowing to the ground. Meanwhile Volodya thrust in her and with each push she tried to swallow my cock deeper.

With a gesture I stopped Volodya, put my wife on her back and lay on her in 69 position. I carefully licked the clit, took Volodya’s cock and moved it to her pussy and helped to put it in. Natalie moaned and spread her legs even wider to make it easier for us to fuck and lick. My finger found her anus and began massaging it gently, she moaned and writhed.

I greased her anus with juice abundantly flowing out of her pussy, and easily put my thumb in. She moaned even lauder, her pelvic thrusts became more active and my finger was driving all in, and there through the thin wall I felt Volodya’s cock, and That excited me so much.

I began to suck her clit hard working with the finger. Volodya’s cock sometimes got out and hit me in the mouth. With my second hand I took Volodya's testicles when he got in my mouth, and I was massaging the penis and the testicles and the anus. I felt that he was going to cum soon and released his cock which had already started to spew sperm. Almost all of it splashed on Natalie’s stomach and a little splashed on my face, I did not manage to turn the face away.

All that turned me on to the limit. I picked up my horny cock and turned it on the stomach of Natalie. She took it with a hand and massaging it she turned the jet of sperm on her chest. I was cumming long with overstimulation. Volodya and I lay down on the bed, stretching our arms back. It was such bliss that I didn't want to move. Volodya whispered: “Thank you guys so much, It was cool”.


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