I and my mistress

We were sitting at Larissa’s in the kitchen and drinking tea. I bought some cakes, chocolate, fruit and two packages of fruit wine. A couple of years ago, Larissa and I were lovers, then we broke up, as it usually happens, due to the increased claims on her part. But the memories of that time still had not disappeared from our memory.

I liked Larissa very much. I liked to have sex with her, to caress her and to please. And Larissa was accepting my affection. The first time I tried to kiss her pussy she was shocked, before she could never think a guy could "fall" for it. This is what Larissa said to me then.

But then her natural urge to experiment overpowered and she was already yielding to my craving for submission, and received pleasure with it. All her previous lovers just subjected her to fuck in all holes, preferring to take, not really worrying about giving something in return. And she liked it. She liked the feeling of being a yes-woman. She liked being with me either.

She liked to feel like a Queen. So you got it, Larissa was a whore. But for me she was an angel. She came to me, sat down on the couch, I removed her skirt, then the panties and licked her pussy. Then we had usual sex. Sometimes Larissa gave me her head. I did not strongly insisted, she just liked to do it.

Sometimes I even came in her mouth or on the face when I was asked about that. But I licked her pussy always. On the couch or standing I leaned her on the table and licked her from behind. Then I began to lick her asshole. I have long wanted to try that, but I couldn’t get my courage. With Larissa I finally decided. And what about Larissa? She liked it. At first she was a little embarrassed and asked: "What are you doing, Sergey?" Then she ceased. She was always a little embarrassed when we had something new.

As that time when she came to me from her other fucker with the pussy full of his sperm. She rushed to take a shower, but I turned her away (I didn't know about that yet!), I said I wanted to feel her natural smell, I carried her on to the sofa, undressing and kissing her. Larissa tried to warn, but how could she explain?

So she decided to relax and let me do what I got used to. After all those games I had a powerful boner and I was pecking her usually 2-3 hours with short breaks for rest. But everything comes to an end. No use to feed a wolf... No matter how hard you fuck a whore... I gradually saw the light. I realized that I was not the only one who fucked her.

Although at first, perhaps, there were just two of us. Me and her fucker. "I'm not jealous of you and your wife?" - she said. And I agreed. Then she got a job of a train conductor. And there it went on. In general, I got tired of her growing queries. The queries were growing up because she was usually coming home well fucked, satisfied with life and herself, so she allowed her to be capricious. I got it later. And we broke up.

But we didn’t break up forever immediately. As it turned out, she got used to my oral caresses and she missed it. She was ready to meet me halfway, we met and everything was going on as usual for a while. But not for long. Then again she was claiming for something. And then my wife gave birth and it became more difficult to find a place and time to meet. One day after my another refusal to meet and drink beer (I really didn't have time!), I got a text message from her: "OK, I'm gonna find another pussy eater..."


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