The first bi time

Hi! I’m now 38. It happened to me when I was almost 30. I had long wanted to try having sex with a guy, but something always stopped me. Once in ICQ a guy knocked to me. We were chatting and it turned out that we lived not far from each other, and after correspondence with him, he confessed to me that he was bisexual, and that he had been having sex with guys since school time. To be honest, I was even happy, it was the first time I talked to a guy who understood me.

Since we worked in different fields, he was in trade, and I worked at industrial enterprise, we could not often be able to communicate via network, and we could just talk about possible meeting. We corresponded for almost a year, and then my work gave me a chance of a business trip to his city.

I wrote to him about that and we agreed he would meet me at the station. When I arrived, he met me at the station as promised, and he took me immediately to the sauna. We were sitting there drinking beer, warming up in the steam room and then sitting in the Jacuzzi he started doing me a blowjob, that was unexpected, but very welcome, I had never had such a pleasure. I was very excited with the thought that a guy was making blowjob to me and I came in his mouth just five minutes later.

We were sitting and drinking beer as if nothing had happened. He called for administrator. A girl of about 30, very cute with the legs so long, as if growing from the ears. We ordered another beer and asked her to arrange a table. While she was serving our table and looking in the direction of the Jacuzzi and smiling mysteriously.

While she was serving, we went to the steam room to warm up, and he began to jerk my cock off, we never thought that the girl guessed about something. But at the moment when we started to do a blowjob to each other, she came to us into the steam room. Honestly I was scared, and my friend was rather embarrassed. But she reassured us and said that she loved such relationship and with no hesitation she got undressed and joined us. She got down doing a blowjob and then my friend began doing that to me with her.

I was very excited. The girl guessed that It was my first time of having such kind of sex and she began to push me first with a hand, directing how to do a blowjob properly. Then she was giving me the hints with technique of the best way to caress a penis with the tongue. To be frank, I liked it. Then she sat on my dick and we began sucking the cock of my friend in turn, I was rather excited.

I came in her and we went to drink beer together. To be honest I was not expecting that, but after a short rest we went straight to the recovery room and had sex there again. The girl immediately sat on the cock of my friend and he told me to fuck him. It lasted about fifteen minutes. After we all had cum, our new friend Olya (I'm sorry not to mention her name before) wanted us to have her at once together. It was super...


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