Hi all. My name is Alex. I'm 21 years old. I want to tell you a story which happened to me 3 years ago, during the celebration of my adulthood.

My name is Alex. Today I am 18 years old. I'm slim build, narrow waist and shoulders, cute face. Not the most masculine look, but girls chase me. Already 2 years I’ve been dating my girlfriend. Her name is Nastya. She's a year older than me. Charming blonde with beautiful tits and the ass.

We decided to celebrate my birthday without inviting anybody else, just staying alone together. In the evening we arranged the table. She was beautiful in her purple tight dress, slightly covering her butt and indiscreet V-neck. We drank a glass of champagne each, for some reason I did not like the taste, but I decided not to disappoint my beloved. After a couple of glasses I felt strange and I lost my consciousness...

When I woke up, I had a bad headache. At first I could not understand where I was. After a few minutes I got it. I was in my room, but tied to the backs of my own bed. I didn't have any clothes on. And in my mouth there was something like a gag. The hands and the legs badly hurt.

After another 15 minutes the door opens and my Nastya is coming in. She managed to change the clothes. She was wearing a black latex dress that barely covered her ass, her hands were holding something looking like a stick. She came over to me and sat on my chest so that my head was right in front of her pussy. She didn't wear panties. She removed the gag. And sat with her pussy on my face, forcing to lick her. I had already done that for her, so it was not a problem for me. After a while she came, and her juice with small streams flowed into my mouth. Then she rose and bent down to my dick. It was already standing hard. She licked the head, then ran her tongue along the trunk, kissed it and moved away.

She took a strange thing and fixed it on my cock, it was a penis lock, now I could not touch it. Then she put on the panties and tied a dildo to them. I was scared and tried to escape, but it was useless. My legs were spread wide, she moistened her fingers with saliva and touched them to my hole, inserted one finger, then two. Having stretched my ass enough, she rested the strapon to my ass and sharply thrust it in. I screamed, the pain was very strong, I even thought that she broke something in there. Nastya was moving in me, causing me pain. She was simply fucking me in the ass. After a while I was enjoying what she was doing to me. I was moaning in time with her movements. Hearing that, she moved faster in me and after another 5 minutes I was cumming, cum was just flowing out of my cock. This was the orgasm I have never experienced before. I even passed out. When I regained my consciousness, Nastya was already away, and I was untied. My ass terribly hurt, but actually I liked what she had done to me.

I tried to stand up, but nothing came of it, and I had to crawl to the shower. In the shower I got myself together somehow. After that I just fell on the bed asleep...

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