The first trans experience

Hello, everyone. My name is Stepan. I am 27 years old. Sexual experience is quite great both with girls and boys. But this story is about a new experience in my sex life.

I met her via a dating website. Her name is Svetlana. Her photos in the profile were great and sexy, so I wrote to her, and we started chatting. After a few messages, she said she was no ordinary girl, and that she has a "penis" between her legs.

Despite the fact I had experience with guys, both passive and active role, I got very excited, jerked off and had a pleasant cumshot.

We agreed that I would come to her in the late evening, and we would have a good night.

I started to get prepared, my heart was beating very fast. I worried, although it was not clear why. Maybe, because it was going to be a new experience.

So I came to Sveta. To describe her: she was 170cm tall, breast size - #3, penis 18x4cm. It was even a little bigger than mine.

We were sitting and drinking. Sveta decided to show me a striptease. It was unforgettable. She danced, slowly taking off her shirt first, then the skirt and then I saw her lovely cock. She came closer to me and the cock rested on my lips. I softly licked its head, then I took it in my mouth, a little bit... and sucked the head. Mmm... It was so delicious. I took off my clothes, my cock was up standing like a stake. I sucked the cock in completely, I felt it resting right at the throat. Then I pulled the cock out and began sucking the balls. Mmm... smoothly shaven skin... it’s bliss.

After that she made me stand up and stood on her knees. That was the blowjob I've never had. She licked the cock head, played with the frenulum, slightly biting the cock, completely taking it in the mouth and slowly letting it out.

After we exchanged our blowjob skills, we moved to the bed and I posed my favorite posture – doggy style. She pressed the cock to my hole, slapped me on the ass and began driving in. Ahh... it was bliss. Her cock was rubbing me inside so good, widening my asshole. Sveta was pacing up, fucking my ass with high speed.

But we didn't want it be over so quickly. I put Sveta on the bed, spread her legs, kissed her cock and smeared her hole with saliva. I put my cock against her ass and thrust it in abruptly. She screamed and began making upward movements to me. I fucked her in that position for about 20 minutes, simultaneously jerking off her cock. And then suddenly I felt someone’s cock rested against my ass.

I didn’t hear or see anyone coming into the apartment. Turned out it was her friend Katherine, as she introduced herself then. She was also a trans. She bent me over and started fucking me in the ass. Al that made me feel like on the seventh heaven. The first experience with trans, and with two of them at once. What a thrill it is to fuck a nice booty, and at the same time feeling your own ass being pulled on a cock.

Sveta was ready to cum, and I got out of her. I was already close as well. So we put Katherine on the knees and began jerking off in front of her. Sveta was the first to cum, she shot the load in Katherine’s mouth. Following her I came as well. I splashed on the Katherine’s face and the mouth. She swallowed everything and licked our cocks over.

But she also needed to cum. Sveta and I stood on all our fours, and Katherine fucked our asses in turn. It was real bliss.

That night we were fucking each other, only pausing to have a smoke. I will never forget such a great experience and splendid night.


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