My wife been had

I'll tell you the background. My wife and I after sex often discussed this question. I asked her what she'd yield to my friends, for thinking about this always made me very horny. But she had always evaded. Although I felt that she also wished that much. These conversations happened very often but we did not know how to implement them. And once there appeared such an occasion. There was a wedding. The daughter of my older brother was getting married. We had drunk much enough and had to go to rest. My brother asked me to take several guests for the night, there were too many of them.

I invited two couples I knew that and my single friend. We came to our place and made a «bed» on the floor in the living room. One couple took place in the bedroom on the bed. I lay next to Dasha, on the other side of her my friend and the couple. We fell asleep quickly. I woke up from cold. I moved to Dasha, she was in her nightie and all warm, I put my hand in her panties and began caressing her pussy. She quietly sobbed and spread her legs wider.

I continued to stroke her crotch. Then I got the idea to offer her to my friend. The dawn was soon breaking but it was dark enough in the room. I took a hand of my friend and pulled it into Dasha's panties. Kolya was hesitating first not understanding what he was required of. I told him, I whispered in his ear that this is my Dasha and it's okay if he'd touch and even fuck her, I give permission. Kolya turned around to get more comfortable and started touching Dasha between her legs. At that time I was hell horny, my cock was standing erect.

Kolya began removing my wife's panties, she was sobbing and helpign by lifting up her ass and the legs. Kolya took the panties off, slowly slid down and lowered his head between her legs. I was on seventh sky with pleasure. He licked her clit and turned her over putting in the doggy-style position.

Meanwhile I was waiting and watching what would happen next. Kolya drove his long penis in her vagina. Dasha bent as though getting pulled on the cock herself, and she was moaning quietly. Kolya began to fuck her. I was afraid the couple next to us would hear us but I aroused even better with Dasha's moans and forgot about them. I got down to Dasha's pussy and touched it with a hand feeling Kolya's cock driving there back and forth.

I crawled underneath and began licking her clit while she was moaning with pleasure. Her vagina was dripping wet with nice smelling juice I was licking off. Then I moved up and sucked her tits and horny nipples. I climbed on the pillow, pulled out my dick and gave it to Dasha in her mouth, she immediately swallowed it, though she would have never let me such a thing. Kolya was still making progressive movements in her vagina.

I heard just squelching sounds of Dasha's cunt and her moans. I was trying hard not to cum too soon, but she was sucking so hard that I had to restrain her. After a while Kolya raised up higher and I realized he wanted to shove his dick in her ass. I was waiting. Dasha stood still and quiet for a while and even stopped to suck, then Kolya spat on her asshole, poked by a finger and began shoving his dick in her ass.

First she sat up, stretched like a cat and began slowly pulling on his cock. As soon as he started fucking her she was ready to scream, but I did not let her do that sticking my dick in her mouth. But I couldn't do that for a long time, I could not stand, then groaned, Kolya  wheezed and I followed him shooting cum in her mouth. Dasha swallowed everything so tastefully licking over her lips, that I was in the clouds with happiness. I turned away from them and fell asleep in a moment.

Then after a while I asked Dasha if she liked it or not. First she was afraid to answer then she said, that first she was afraid when another man was caressing her, but after I let him do that she yielded to him and liked that very very much. And she asked me to invite two friends next time to fuck her in the ass and in the pussy and I would have her mouth, she would suck until I cum. I made a promise. This is my Dasha.


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