I have been dating with Nastya for about six months, but I still don't have enough of her body. I was excited thinking about her smooth dark skin, brown eyes, modest smile and an outstanding butt. Her hips were the ideal for me, big and full of natural strength and health. I dreamed of her so often in the first days of our acquaintance, furiously jerked off having come from the first date, imagining my cock in her...

Nastya has become mine. Every morning I woke up next to her, feeling rebellious hardness of my dick. But I hesitated to wake my girlfriend with rough penetration and began to caress. My tongue started from her delicate neck down to the breasts and lingers on the hardening nipples. With one hand I stroked the breast that had been deprived of momentary affection of the tongue, the other hand was caressing her crotch. She usually woke up instantly, but did not show it. But her body cannot lie. I felt moisture dripping out of her womb, I could feel the rapid breathing and the sweet tension. My cock was so hard that it was ready to pierce any obstacle that could stand on his way...

Nastya already made no secret of neither the excitation, nor the fact that she did not sleep. - "Get in", she appealed, in a moment got on her all fours, knowing that this is my favorite position. The view that appeared before me was so familiar and desirable that I didn't make her wait long. Hugging her narrow waist, effectively looking on the background of large hips, I entered her. My dick worked like a piston in her pliable vagina. With each stroke, body on body, her ass was swaying with waves of passion. She began moaning in time, one hand caressing the breast and fingering the clit with the other. I felt close to a natural ending, but finish alone is low feeling. I had to use an old trick, forcing my brain to remember what year was when the first man flew into space.

Then Nastya uttered a long moan and I realized that I had to cum along with her. Sperm gushed into the vagina of my beloved, my cock pulsed rhythmically, forcing Nastya to repeat the groan of pleasure. I had no energy and fell beside her, feeling her instantly clinging to me.

They say minutes after sex are sometimes even more important than sex itself. Don't know if this is true, but when there lies my love still breathing heavily from a wild gallop, and in her eyes you see true happiness, everything else becomes completely irrelevant.


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