Last night we were with friends at a nightclub. These are my old friends, Alex and Julia, and I haven't seen them for ages, and we had a lot to talk about. We came to the club late in the evening, the hall was full of people, music was laud, people were dancing. We approached our table and made the order. At this time, Alex asked me to dance, because at the table it was impossible to talk because of music. Some slow music began playing and I was dancing with him. He hugged me like a friend, because we know each other for a long time. He shared his problems with me, I was also talking about something. When we approached the table, I immediately felt the tension coming from you, I saw your eyes darkened. But I did not pay any importance to this, I thought you were just uncomfortable because it was your first time here. Throughout the evening I again danced with Alex. We stayed at the club not a long time.

The whole way back you were silent. As soon as you closed the door to the apartment, you grabbed my hands and dragged me into the bedroom, without a single word, bowed me, rode up my skirt and was holding me with one hand in this position, the other hand unbuttoning your pants. I really didn't like it, I tried to escape, but you were so strong pressing me that I didn't have a chance. 

You pressed my legs with yours to the bed, one hand laid on the back, and the second one touching my chest you managed to release out of the blouse. One my hand rested on the bed, the second one attempting to ward off you. I obviously do not like this treatment, but the forces are not equal. You rip my panties with such force that they simply got torn. When you drove in me, I screamed, I was hurt, I was not ready yet, but you are squeezing my hips so powerfully that they seem to be marked with bruises from your fingers. I'm trying to free my hips, but it turns you more. 

You are moving in me, not gently and not carefully as usual, but strongly and insistently, as if trying to pin me on your cock. You are acting like the owner who took his favorite toy and does whatever he wants. I’m trying to throw off your hand from my chest, but it is useless... You slap on my ass like spanking children for misconduct, I have tears flowing over the face with such rudeness. You’re driving your cock in with such force that I think I will explode inside.

After a while I notice that I ceased to resist and move my hips pressing to you harder. I’m captured with this mad jumping, the pain is gone from this invasion and I'm moaning with the stormy passion raging in me. You have cum with animal growling, I didn't even notice it’s happened to me. Stunned I clamped my mouth being afraid to show my delight, afraid to express my satisfaction.

Later lying in the bed, you asked me: "Well, are you still gonna tease me, you bad girl?" I thought if I answer "No I will not" I will never have such sensations any more, if I say “Yes” I will be punished now again, and now I'm honestly not ready for this. I said neutral, “I will try not to tease”. But inside I thought to myself: “No way, I'll do for sure!”.


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