I am already 30

I am already 30 years old. Recently I have got married. Everything is fine in bed, still I have unfulfilled dreams since early years. Once I decided to visit a dating site specifying that I want to find a couple for sex. I found it quickly, and we didn't have long correspondence and decided to meet in a cafe.

When I came in the cafe, I saw a beautiful couple, judging by appearance it was them. The girl’s name was Zhenya, and the guy was Dima. Zhenya was very beautiful, about thirty, she was wearing a long transparent skirt, so I could see through it her black panties and she also had the blouse with wide neckline and her huge boobs were thrusting out.

Dima was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, he was athletic built. I walked over and introduced myself, yeah, it was them, as I expected. We stayed in the cafe for a while and went to their place. Zhenya went to the shower, and we drank a little wine, ate some fruits. Zhenya came out of the bathroom and Dima immediately offered to go together to the bathroom, I agreed.

In the bathroom, I saw that his penis was already up, it was shorter than mine but thicker. We stepped into the shower and he started lathering me, went down below and began stroking my penis. He quickly washed off the foam, took it into his mouth and slowly got down to sucking, caressing the testicles and the anus. I came in his mouth powerfully, we quickly washed and got out of the bathroom.Zhenya was already naked waiting for us in the bed.

Together we began kissing and Zhenya took Dima’s penis in her mouth. She was swallowing the head and stroking the balls. After seeing how avidly I was looking at that, she offered to take her place and I hastily got down to sucking the head, running my tongue over his shaft, and swallowing the balls.

I was standing on my knees and my ass was sticking out as if beckoning to her. Zhenya saw it and began thrusting her tongue in my anus, then shoved one finger in, then two fingers. Dima came into my mouth, unable to hold it back with such a fierce blowjob.

I decided to have sex with Zhenya, I got on her, put her legs on my shoulders and drove into the vagina, she gasped and began moaning. I had cum brightly and was going to relax, when Dima got a place from behind me, bent me on my all fours, smeared my anus and his penis with lubricant, and gradually began pushing the penis in me. Zhenya remained under, she moved a little lower, took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it.

Meanwhile, Dima was fucking me in the ass, driving his cock down to the balls. After a while we all had a bright orgasm: I came in Zhenya’s mouth, she sucked every last drop, and Dima, holding my hips, came in my anus. Then we changed positions lots of times and been fucking all night long and when in the morning I was about to leave, Dima said that he wanted me again.

I lay on my back, and he fell on top putting my legs onto his shoulders and thrust the penis into my anus so deep that I gasped, slightly with pain but more with pleasure. I was enjoying those moments, especially when Dima violently came in me. Finally, my cherished dreams have come true!


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