Lost a game of cards

So, 1 AM, I’m standing near the hotel and getting ready to give a gambling debt... He came to me from behind, covered my mouth with one hand while the other hand got under undone coat to check if I had fulfilled the terms of my fiasco. He made sure that I had only the panties under, and took away his hand and we came inside. While on the elevator, he puts a collar and a leash on my neck.

The floor we needed was empty, without any witness, so he told me to wait while he went into the room to set up the camera. After a few minutes he came back, took off my coat, put in the doggy-style position, put on a blindfold and led me into the room holding the leash. Arousing show: a slender brunette with a high set ponytail, almost naked having just stockings, heels and thongs on she is walked on the leash to be fucked. And here I'm in the room.

He sat on the bed without undressing and pulled out his dick and gave it to me in the mouth. I began to suck obediently, but suddenly he started to thrust the cock deep to my throat. I jerked and he immediately punished me with a slap on the face saying "Suck, I said, you whore!!!" I went on blowing, but he got up from the bed and began cruelly fucking me in the mouth. I have never been rammed like that... Despite all my tears, he continued rhythmically thrusting his cock right down my throat.

Then, after 5 minutes of wild fucking, he pulled out his torture instrument and began wanking above my mouth. Then he ordered to stick out the tongue and began driving his cock head over it and moaning sweetly. I asked whether I could remove the blindfold, but he replied: "shut up and do what you are told to", and I stuck out the tongue again. It was late. He took me by the hair and put on my all fours on the bed. He gave me a huge dildo and forced me to fuck my pussy and stick it down to the ground!!! Then that beast shoved his cock in my ass and began pecking me wildly, and at that I had to go on pushing the dildo in the pussy.

My attempt to move away ended up like this: "What’s up, bitch, are you fucking nuts?!", so my holes went on being torn. Then he lay down on the bed and forced me to lick all that I stumbled with the blindfold on. I got to his feet and began licking them. He was lying on the bed and getting pleasure, then he told me to get on higher. I started kissing his testicles, and he shoved his cock in my mouth. I was sucking.

He told me to sit on him, so I drove his swollen organ in my pussy and began jumping on him. He bent me down to him and started to fuck me from below. On my words "I thought you would kiss me" he replied I would be kissing his cock only (bastard!!!) and went on wild fucking.

Then he laid me on the bed, squeezed my tits and continued thrusting his cock all in. Suddenly he took me by the hair, put me on my knees and came right on the face and then began smearing his sperm over it. He wiped his hands with my hair, took hold of it, led me to the door and threw me out into the corridor, where my coat was lying on the floor. 

Since that time I never played cards with that asshole anymore!


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