Wedding present

Finally I got married! Everyone is happy. We didn’t make a ceremony in favor of the trip to the far away Dominican Republic for 3 weeks the parents presented to us. My husband and I agreed that we will give each other the gifts in honour of the wedding.

We arrived to the Dominican Republic. All was gorgeous. Nature, hotel, food and the Bridal Suite. Mmm...

My husband broke down and the first day presented me a ring with a nice stone (I long wanted such one). Happy I accepted the gift, kissed him and sadly mentioned that I forgot the gift for him home in a hurry, but it was not actually true :) I just didn't want to be banal and decided a very unusual gift.

As it is known in the Dominican Republic mulattos live.

Every day we met many good-natured Dominicans in the hotel. The room was cleaned daily by cute mulatto girls.

And then one day, referring to the fact that I wanted to sleep, I stayed in the room, my husband went to the ocean, I knew it would take him a long time. Long I did not have to wait, there came a maid, a pretty one, smiling and very funny speaking broken Russian phrases. I decided that she was what I needed and began to dedicate her to the point. I took out $ 100, showed her a photo of my husband and asked her to organize tomorrow cleaning with sex for him. Her eyes visibly lit up (don't know at the sight of money or my man on the photo). She immediately agreed! I confess I thought it would be more difficult.

At night I didn’t yield to my husband, thinking that he would need strength tomorrow.

Day X! We had breakfast. It was terribly hot, but I persuaded him to stay in the room. After a few minutes I had told him much silly things and said that I was going to the lobby for there was Wi-Fi. I told him wait for the maid, and check her work, mentioning that last time a lazy one was cleaning our room. Having come outside, I met Anji who was waiting for me. I gave her $ 50 and we agreed that she would leave the door would be slightly open)

I wait 15 minutes, all nervous. Interesting. Not every day I pick up the girls for my husband. I heard something fell down. I thought it was the right time. Going quietly in the corridor and hear my hubby uttering happy sounds. (I turned on the video recording on the phone). Being around the corner I saw everything pretty clear, and he had no idea how close I was. Anji was half naked. Kneeling before him, she eagerly sucked his penis. He roughly held her head and groaned. It went on for several minutes, I will not say for sure. I was hoping that would not end up like that... Anji warmed up seriously. I think her reference book was Kama Sutra! So much experience, and she was only 20.

After moving to our family bed, he began to fuck her. He inserted his tool in her slit and fucked her so fiercely, I barely had time to see his balls slapping on her ass. Sharply having turned over Anji stuck out her tempting ass and tapped on it with her palm. Ooh, he was so happy! Slowly but firmly he plunged his trunk into her hole. The whole room smelled like fuck.

Angry, happy and excited, with the phone in one hand (video) and the other hand found herself a job.

Then my sweetheart was cummimg. Anji almost screamed with pleasure. She began lick the remnants of sperm from his cock. Satisfied they lay on the bed. When I came in the room, his face reflected horror. Anji smiled nicely, got dressed and went out. My darling was trying to make excuses, to beg for forgiveness... Well, no matter how cool it was, I had to confess it was a gift. He was delighted, and promised that I was to be his last and only woman. Well, and he allowed to have sex with mulatto male. My choice fell on the sexy looking masseur. Ooooh, that was cool. But that's another story.


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