Priceless experience

Xenia was an ordinary blonde with short hair, narrow waist and huge plump buttocks, like two balls of jelly. Xenia did not differ with diligence in working prefering to sit back, despite the warnings of her strict boss, and one day she received from her a curious remark about her report:

- You have to be whipped, Xenia, your math is so poor!

- What do you mean... whipped?

- I mean, tied to the bench and whipped with good young birch rods!

Xenia took note of the words of the boss in the office. She became interested in spanking. Her fat tempting ass really didn't know, not only birch rods, but a belt as well. She decided it was necessary to correct this omission and began to search through the Internet, who would introduce her to rods. The search ended quickly enough. Xenia was intrigued by the announcement from one couple from Novosibirsk, who invited her to brighten up her leisure with flogging in "two hands". On the phone she was immediately warned that the rods for her own whipping had to be prepared by herself, and that they must be very thin and whistling loud in the air.

So as not to cause bewilderment from passers-by, Xue wrapped the twigs in paper and put in the package. Literally on the doorstep of her future "educators", she met their neighbor, a woman just looked at the marble figure of Xenia, and said aloud:

- Yeah! Such a wide ass deserves birch rods, just the lard...

Xenia, burning with shame, lowered her eyes and murmured 

- But how do you know I’m gonna be whipped with rods?

- Only curious girls come here to be well-whipped, but I see such plump for the first time.

The door was opened by a man "old enough", and he politely invited Xue to discuss the details of the flogging with his wife in the room, and they put the rods in the vase filled with salt water. Agreed that Xenia will get only 29 blows, as it was her first time she gives her full ass to the rods, but in addition she will be taken by an ear to the corner and put with her knees on the dry buckwheat.

Xenia pulled off from her vast ass the blouse, revealing her delicious legs in black stockings and lay on the bench with her face down. The wife tied Xenia’s hands to the bench, and the husband did the same with her legs. And there was to be the first stroke by the mistress and immediately another one by a master. The room filled with a subtle swish of the twigs and Xenia’s moaning who tried to beg to stop the spanking, but the “educators” smiled and said that Xenia was feeling that because of lack of habit and they continued to whip her white, full butts from both sides. Xenia’s plump ass became pink, just like her face. Of course... It's not every day a grown woman obediently collects the rods she will be whipped on her large and soft ass by quite unfamiliar people. And now, the last whistle of the rod ended up with the vibration of Xenia’s large fat ass. The mistress untied the sobbing blonde from the bench, took her by the ear and brought her to the corner, where she put her down on her knees on the dry buckwheat. While Xenia was staying in such a humiliating position, the elderly couple behind her was clearly indulged in amorous pleasures, looking at Xenia’s wipped chubby ass.

It’s unknown if the lesson was useful or not. However, since that time every vacation she travels to Novosibirsk for “preventive measures” (as the “educators” called it). They were also involving their neighbor to the execution, because Xenia has such a huge ass that takes much time and effort. As for Xenia, as a sign of gratitude for "the science", cleans up the apartment of her masters. Xenia became careful and obedient, she informs her educators about all her missteps. There were times when her entire ass was "marked" all over, then she was whipped on her wide full hips and sometimes even on the back. That’s it.


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