Part No unknown

I was sitting in the office typing the contract on the computer. Suddenly my director entered the room. Today he was drunk and angry. Accounting department messed up and an important payment failed, and now the whole office was going nuts. I thought I was safely covered in the office with papers, but I wasn't. Not my day?

The boss sat imposingly across my desk.

- Maria? Why is nothing done yet? – He screamed out angrily. He smelled like a beer drum and I instinctively made a wry mouth.

- I'm… It's almost ready.

- Almost? You must always be ready, as you work here!

- Dmitry, have you seen my application for termination? - I tried to soften his pressure.

- No. So what? Specialist Levshina decided to quit? No, Masha, a year we've been looking for a specialist on this place, then we trained you on the account of the company. You have to work it all!

- As you say, Dmitry Vladimirovich, - very humbly I said. Really I didn't even hope to resign in normal way.

- Tell me, Masha, isn't that noise from the corridor bothering you? - all of a sudden the tone of the director became softer. He went to the door and locked it from the inside.

- No, it isn't, when the offfice is closed it's a little stuffy. - I got up and went to the window to open it. Fresh air blew in my face. But I didn't manage to get back to my place. The director approached me close and pressed his whole huge body to me. He hugged me in his hands like a twig and his tongue was licking my face, trying to get in my mouth.

- Oh, Masha, don't resist. You have nowhere to go. You have no place in Moscow to live, finding a job now is difficult. Do you rally want to go back to your Vol'ginskiy? – he was whispering in my ear.

I could do nothing but obey. During psychology classes we learned that if rape is inevitable, you need to relax and have pleasure. Especially since he told me the truth - I have nowhere to go in Moscow.

Certainly not to my stepfather, who raped me when I was a child.

Director already unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard dick of gigantic proportions.

- So, Masha, do you like it?

- Yeah, - he put me before him on the knees and put the dick almost entirely in my mouth.

- You're gonna like it, Masha, for a long time while you are working here, and...... 

He had cum and abundant stream of sperm filled my mouth.

- Masha, swallow it, I will be pleased. Yeah... Well... You'll be dismissed from the post of staff inspector. I appoint you a head of this department.

- Thanks, Dmitry. Then I can take my application back? - I asked wiping the sperm off.

- No! It will stay with me with open date! I am now divorced and completely free and alone. I will come to you Maria not often but from time to time. I like what we have just had. I might even love you. And yes, when we are together, you can call me Dima. Have you ever wondered why I put you in a private room?

He smoothed his clothes and walked out. I heard him passing by the reception and giving the command to the secretary to prepare the order for my promotion.


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