This has happened to me quite recently. I still remember her scent... I can't forget...

But let's begin. I'm 18, I have brown and wavy hair. Slim figure, well-shaped breast of the 3rd size.

One day we had training in the gym. There I saw her... Never ever she had she evoked in me such appetence. By "she" I mean Milena. She has long blond hair, slender figure and small tits. But her face was very comely, pale skin, big green eyes and lovely long thick eye-lashes. She was not tall.

The training had already begun, we were alone. The coach left the keys to me so I could lock the locker room. We both were there to change our clothes. When I looked at her innocent face, something clicked in my head. I grabbed her, threw her down on the floor and tied her hands with the belt of my jeans. She tried to free herself and to scream but I covered her mouth with a hand. And since I was much bigger and stronger she couldn't even move a little. The fact that she was completely at my mercy only aroused me better.

I looked into her beautiful eyes, she was not screaming any more. I took the hand away and kissed her passionately. She resisted at first, but then she responded. I boldly started to unbutton her shirt.

I kissed her neck, then the chest and the stomach. Then I tore off her bra. I saw the same desire in her eyes and got more excited. I stuck my hand into her panties. She was already wet. I tried to massage her clit and she moaned. How cute she was! So helpless and innocent.

I pulled the hand out and took off her pants. Then I looked at her pussy. She was pretty. I licked her clit. She barely held back a scream. Her juice was incredibly tasty. I slightly sucked her clit again. I heard her barely holding back her screams. She was biting her lips. I was close. I stopped for I didn't want her to cum so fast. I stuck two fingers into her vagina. It was incredibly tight and hot. I began to move them inside. In order to muffle the moans I kissed her, she dug into my lips. Her kisses were hot and the pussy was contracting.

And then she came. She bit my lips to blood. It was a pleasant pain. I sat down, then untied her. We were both silent.

She said uncertainly:

- Maybe we will repeat it someday?

I just smiled in response. Then I kissed her again. She hugged me.

It was two minutes before the training is over. She quickly got dressed and we removed all the traces.

After the training we agreed to go to my place. But that's another story...


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