Our first group sex

My wife Tanya and I were vacationing in the Dominican Republic. It was the second week of our vacation. One evening we took my camera deciding to make some photos. Wandering over through the hotel we were looking for a beautiful angle of the shot. The pictures turned out to be very nice. Very sexy. Tanya was wearing a very short t-shirt and same short skirt. Her white panties did not hide anything. Tanya was widely spreading her legs showing all her charms. Her pussy was clean shaven and her nipples were well seen throught the bra and the t-shirt. Tanya was sitting on the bench with the legs wide apart. She posed for another photo. 

Suddenly we noticed that we were not alone. Tthere was a guy of about 25 with a camera in his hands. He avidly stared at Tanya’s wide-set legs. He was looking at Tanya’s charms and even froze for a while. Tanya noticed the guy watching her and was in no hurry to press her legs together. A bit stunned he introduced himself. His name was Jose, he was a photographer. He proposed to make some photos. Tanya liked the idea and we agreed. But the only thing we wanted was making photos with our camera. I didn't really want to leave someone the naughty pictures of my wife. We wandered down the street and the beach. Our pictures were becoming more open. Tanya shamelessly showed her charms. 

Having come to the beach where there was no one, Jose offered to take a few intimate pictures. Without hesitation we agreed. After all, we were leaving soon and we would never see him again. Tanya threw off her t-shirt, the bra and the skirt. She stayed in thong only that only emphasized her charms.

It was the first time I watched my wife being naked in front of a stranger. And I was very excited. And so was Jose. Our shorts didn't hide our erect cocks. And I thought that Tanya liked it as well. Jose was directing positions making intimate pictures. I noticed a strong excitement of my wife. She was no longer concealing anything. And a couple shots were made when she moved her panties aside. Jose’s eyes were burning and I watched him fucking my wife with his look. Tanya offered to continue in the hotel room. Having come into the room Tanya went to the shower. And after a few minutes she came out completely naked. To be honest it was a surprise for me as well as for Jose. It was a shock. 

Completely naked my wife was standing before an unfamiliar man. She was beautiful and desirable. My dick was ready for action. As well as Jose’s cock. She came to me, her eyes shining with so much passion and desire. She whispered in my ear to go to the shower and not to stay there long. Stepping out of the shower I saw my wife with the legs wide apart. Jose was practically lying between her legs making pictures. Her pussy was so wet as never before. I sat on the edge of the bed looking at my wife. "You don’t mind if Jose caress me, do you?" she whispered quietly. I was very wound up and I nodded with agreement. Tanya spread her legs even wider showing Jose what to do. 

Jose put the camera down having sat between her legs. His lips dug into the pussy of my wife. He skillfully worked with the tongue. Tanya was moving her ass wildly and then took his head to the crotch. Her moans turned into screams and she came stormily. Not paying attention to me she pulled him closer. Taking his cock with a hand she turned it into her hole. Increasing the pace Jose was fucking my wife hard. Tanya was strongly pulling her ass on his cock. This jump didn’t last long.

Jose abruptly pulled out his cock and shoot his load on her stomach. I couldn't stand it any longer and turned my wife putting her on top. Tanya jumped on me, Jose’s cum was dripping on my belly. And his cock didn’t even fall down. He bent Tanya towards me and began licking her ass. Then very carefully he inserted his cock in there. Tanya froze for a moment and then moved forward. I came in my wife and carefully got out. Jose continued banging her hard. I don't know how long it lasted but Tanya was cumming over and over again. Jose came loud and abundantly. His cum was even flowing out of her ass. Exhausted Tanya fell down on the bed. 

I went to the shower. Tanya was still lying with her legs wide apart. And out of her holes the streams of sperm were flowing. Jose asked permission to go to the shower. I nodded and hugged my wife. Tanya looked at me, thanked me and hugged me hard. Jose came out of the shower and said something in his language. He sat down between Tanya’s legs and began to lick of our cum. When her holes became clean he quickly got dressed and went out. “I was feeling very good, I love you”, Tanya whispered and fell asleep. Another four days I allowed Jose to fuck my wife. He appeared as soon as we came in our hotel room. He washed her in the shower and always licked her holes before sex and after. And to be honest, now my wife and I miss him very much.


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