Hello. I want to share a real story with you that happened to me in Turkey. We went there to have a rest with my husband. I am 35 years old, brunette, height 165 cm, taut chest of the 2-nd size, we’ve been married already 15 years.

One day we went to the resort place. It was so beautiful with many beautiful men there. I was recommended to visit one masseur. I went to him. So I come and see a nice tanned and tall man. He told me to lie down, to get stripped leaving the panties on only. I removed the robe and almost naked lay on the bed just in white panties. He watered my body with aromatic oil, and began his work. First the top, then slowly he descended down, his hands were so gentle and skillful. I became so relaxed.

BY that time no other man touched me but my husband. Then he went down to the butt, the legs, and somehow accidentally got inside. I reacted with indignation, but he paid no attention to that and continued caressing between my legs. I liked it and I moaned softly. He got undressed and lay down beside me touching my body. Then he rolled me over spread my legs and began caressing my clit with fingers.

He said something and began licking. He licked me upward, thrusting his tongue inside and started sucking very gently. Then his fingers began massaging my nipples. He stood up and removed his pants, his cock was already up, he lay on me and drove in me so gently and smoothly. It was so sweet. And suddenly there came his friend and approached us, he took out his big cock and put it in my mouth. I've seen that only in porn movies and often fantasized on this subject, and now it was happening with me in reality!!! I was being fucked by two rods at once!!!

I sucked it gently embracing it tight with the lips. Then the masseur lay on the couch and I sat on his big dick and began to move my booty, and the other one climbed on top of us and poured oil on my ass hole and his fingers stroked me and slowly he stuck his dick in. I never allowed my husband to have me in the ass, but that moment I could not resist! I wanted to try double penetration! He got in so smoothly that I was feeling super pleasant. And then he started fucking me so hard that I cried. It turned him on better. We all groaned with pleasure.

Then they put me in the doggy-style position and the masseur began fucking me from behind while I was blowing his friend. On the wall there was a mirror and I saw myself in there! Two males were having me! It was so sweet! He firmly held my head pressing to him. Then we stood up, they lifted me up and began to fuck from both sides. It was awesome! Then I came screaming. I sat on my knees and got down to sucking both cocks, they moaned loudly and came on me, shooting their cum on my chest and the shoulders. I took their dicks and sucked until it was all over.

I came several times, though with my husband I used to cum just once a night, but there it was like one wave follows another one! I came out of the massage office with pleasant bliss and came up to our hotel room and immediately went into the shower. My husband was lying on the couch and watching TV. I came out of the bathroom and lay down beside him. He asked about the massage, and I said I liked it very much and I was told to have a short sleep after that. He patted my shoulders and I fell asleep.


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