I'll never be back there

After graduating University I had to look for work. As my mom and dad considered I needed to work, no matter where and what position. To describe myself I am a redhaird, blue-eyed, with big breasts and long legs. It was hard time to find a job, and I found one more suitable to me in spirit than in salary. There I went get a job at the dealership as a secretary.

The interview was to be conducted by a girl, but she ran away with a stack of papers and shouting to some guy: “Misha, take the girl for an interview.” Misha smiled lustfully and gestured to go into the conference room. What we talked about I don't remember, and I wouldn’t remember for I was too excited. But I remember Misha staring at my legs and the chest.

I was given the job without requiring any diploma or recommendations from past jobs. But that did not matter as I understood. The first month nothing happened, Misha was very polite, sometimes I even thought that he was a gay, but everything turned upside down on the second month, when he began touching and pawing me! But not in arrogant way, as if inadvertently, as if it happened accidentally.

At first I did not pay any attention, but then it went worse. He kept me late at work so I helped him with some contracts that I did not understand. One evening it happened. While I bent over a fallen piece of paper, he came up to me from behind and grabbed my hips. I cried out with surprise. I really liked Misha already a long time and I didn't really resist his caresses.

But the fear of being caught did not let the passion take possession of my mind. I tried to explain it to Misha, but he seemed to have become crazy. One sharp movement he ripped off my blouse, the buttons rolled over on the floor. I shouted, I wanted him to stop, I was scared. But apparently it only turned him on. He gagged me with my blouse and told me not to touch it. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. Misha pushed me on the table, tying my hands with adhesive tape to the radiator and the feet to the table legs.

He broke my thong, climbed on the table, opened his fly and poked his dick into my face. "Suck it, bitch!" I turned my head to the side and got a slap on my face. "SUCK IT! OTHERWISE IT WILL BE WORSE EVERY TIME!" I had nothing left to do but take it in my mouth. I thought he would cum and everything would end up, so I tried my best to finish it quicker, but Misha had the other thoughts.

He gladly came on my face. Getting off the table, he sharply drove into my pussy. I screamed with pain. He slapped me on the face and put the blouse back in my mouth. Misha was mocking at me as awful as he could, thrusting various objects in my pussy. I was even praying for death. But I was far from it. That freak came up with another fun for him. He began shoving a marker in my ass.

After that he fucked me in the ass. Then my boss got bored. He was spanking me, mocking at me and humiliating me for a very long time. During all that he was drinking, drinking a lot with no snacks. That’s why in the morning he was exhausted, and after long tortures I managed to get out. Neither feet, nor hands could be controlled. I was so numb. I got dressed, out and never was back to that place again. And I will never ever go there and anywhere for the same position for all the money in the world!!!


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