One-night stand

I was coming home from work. It was late evening in spring. Approaching the bus stop I saw a young man, very attractive and charming... He also looked at me, we smiled to each other and I went on further.

I was standing at the bus stop, when a car drove up to me. The driver was the same guy.

- May I offer you a lift? - he turned to me.

- Sure, why not, - I replied.

Once in the car, I was captivated by his perfume, his smile fascinated me. Subtle languor ran over my body. I am a married woman, but the sexual life with my husband did not satisfy me, and therefore, looking at such tempting male, I was quietly getting excited...

He put his hand on my knee and began stroking my leg gently, and gradually groping higher and higher toward my crotch. I wasn’t outraged. Quite opposite, I spread my legs wider and allowed him to do whatever he wanted... And that was exactly what he wanted... He turned in a quiet yard, we quickly hopped into the back seat and began kissing passionately.

His lips were so sweet and soft, his tongue was slick and fast. His hands stripped me in a moment. I started to undress him. His chest was hairy, I always found that hot, and I got down to his nipples and began licking them with my perky tongue.

My stranger wanted more. With his hands he turned my head to his groin. Through the shorts I saw his mighty and huge cock. Together we freed him from the pants and I eagerly pressed my lips to his cock.

My lips quickly plunged his cock deep into my mouth, my tongue licking the cock head, moved faster and faster over his dick. My lips were holding his penis tight, and I was massaging his testicles.

I felt his dick became like a stone, he wanted to cum in my mouth.

- What about me? - I asked.

- Sit on my dick astride. - he answered.

I sat on his cock. My vulvar lips gently let his cock in. My pussy was very wet. I began moving up and down, resting my head on the roof of the car, but it didn’t bother me. I was pulling myself completely on, I wanted him inside me to the womb!

Our juices were flowing down over the legs, the insides of the car smelled of sex. We were like wild animals screaming with pleasure.

- Yeah, baby, come on, I want you! - he shouted.

- Go on, go on, ye-e-es, you're like a slut moving on my cock!

- I am going to fuck you till you lose your consciousness!

My breasts were jumping madly in time with our movements. He grabbed my nipples with his lips and began to suck them passionately, his hands holding my waist and pulling my pussy on his cock.

I could no longer hold it back... My pussy was pulsing with excitement, his cock was like a stone, and was tightly driving in the vagina. The movements became faster and sharper.

- I'm cumming, I’m cumming in your vagina! - cried my stranger.

- Oh, yeah... me too! Yes, yes, don't stop, keep moving... Yes! Yes! Yes!

We had cum simultaneously. Breathing heavily I could feel his cock shooting cum into my pussy. I was just flying with pleasure...


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