The past is beginning to tell

Getting on the bus, I realized I had made a mistake. "I’d better walked on foot" - flashed the thought in my head. It was over-overcrowded and very stuffy and hot in the bus. I was immediately squeezed by the bodies of several men. I appeared in the tight circle of backs, and I could see nothing because of them. "Well, maybe, I won’t be seen by a conductress at least" - I thought. The ride was going to be long, of course, no seats available...

So I was standing already half an hour, and it was still far from home. I’m sighing, pulling the phone out of the bag. Making a few calls, and putting it back in. Feeling another passenger in the bus pressed me to the wall. Of course, it was very hot, I became angry. But there was nothing to do, no possibility to turn around or move. But suddenly... Suddenly I felt a hand unceremoniously getting into my panties. I was wearing a tight mini skirt of beige and white blouse with puffed sleeves and tied with a belt around the waist. My skirt rode up, the hand keeps on making the way to my pussy. I am outraged and wet at the same time. My dripping hole is being penetrated with one... two… and three fingers... they begin fucking me, I like it... I don't recognize myself: I’m being stimulated by the fingers of a total stranger, and I’m standing dripping wet with his movements.

- I know you like it, my slut. - a voice is coming from behind.

I immediately recognized who it was.

I managed to slip out of his embrace, and pulled him along to the exit. Getting off the bus, I turned around.

Yes, it was him. Tall, muscular, he excited me, and I was always getting wet just at the sight of his huge standing penis. Without question, we started kissing. His huge hands were kneading my body, it seemed to me that he would just pushed me in him. His tongue was doing such incredible things in my mouth that I could no longer hold back. I drew him behind the corner of the house, as there were no people. He began undressing me, the juice was already flowing from pussy and over the legs.

- Come on, fuck me! - I said.

I pulled his jeans and the t-shirt off and saw his cock. The first thought that appeared in my head was that it would break me apart, so huge it was. But then I did not care at all. I wanted him to fuck me, he certainly wanted the same.

- The slut must make her master pleased. - he whispered in my ear.

I got it and fell down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I swallowed it down to the balls and I started to suck him with such a harshness throwing my head up and down over his cock that he barely restrained not to shout aloud for all to hear. Throwing my head off his tool, he pushed me down on the grass and quickly drove in me, literally tearing apart my poor pussy. Holding his hand over my mouth, he began fiercely fucking my hole. I was flying with bliss, feeling him moving in me. It is an indescribable feeling. He was hurting me a little, but that aroused me even better. He growled, came in me and then pulled out his instrument. Leaning down close to my pussy, he started to lick it over to make me pleased either. Soon I came bending my body like a leaf in the wind.

But it was not the end yet. Having turned me over, he moistened my other hole, and gently plunged his cock in. He was trying to restrain, but he did not succeed. He shoved his tool half in me, but that was already enough to make me scream. Grabbing my hips he started fucking me in the ass... After a while we both had cum: He put his arms around me and squeezed my body. I arched back as far as I could squeezing his cock with my ass while it was still inside...

Silently he got dressed, looked at me and said, "We’ll see each other later. I have never felt so good with anyone else." He kissed me one last time, digging his lips in mine. He looked behind me with his eyes wide open. I became interested in what he saw there. I turned around but didn't see anything special. 

When I turned back to him... or rather to the place where he was just standing... he was already gone.


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