Little slut

This little bitch came to my office almost every day. She was about 28, she was small and plump, like a balloon. The front two balls were of the third size.

There were two breaks at work. Coming to me, she used to throw aside the flips of her robe, showing two elegant semisperes. At first, the idea to fuck her constantly visited me, but since Lola behaved like a dumb blonde, my desire towards her subsided.

One evening, when my shift was almost over, I was sitting at the computer in the dark office, spending the time looking at the pictures of female charms. And then, like a bolt from the blue, Lola comes in, and as always – the boobs exposed, the hands on the hips. Pretty heated I decided not to resist my libido. Before she managed to meow her greeting as I rolled up to her on the chair (her breasts appeared right before my eyes), grabbed her with both hands by the neckline of her t-shirt and growling like an animal I pulled it tearing apart. Lola even didn’t manage to utter a word, when I hungrily buried my mouth in her plump breasts, squeezing them madly. Not giving her time to recover, my right hand got under her skirt and began kneading the plump ass.

From such pressure Lola barely came back to her senses. But realizing what was happening, she gave me a resounding slap and tried to escape. I should note that my office has one glass wall half covered with paper. So anyone could see the whole scene in details. But if you remember, there was a break and everyone was away.

So, getting her slaps on the face, I was digging into Lola’s tits, licking the hardening nipples. The hand under the skirt was already in her panties and greedily rubbing her vulvar lips up to the temperature of open-hearth furnace. Three minutes later the resistance was broken – Lola’s lips glistened with juice and my fingers themselves were falling in her vagina.

Lola hissed “bas-s-stard...” and pressed my head harder to her chest, spreading her legs a little wider.

I didn’t waste time - I got three fingers into her vagina and began pecking her, listening to the squelchy sounds of lubed hands. Lola was groaning. She became pulling herself on my hand with the whole pussy, and practically the whole hand was going in and out of her fucked out hole. She was making harder upward movements, as if she wanted to plunge the hand all in. The juice was flowing over the hand and dripping down on the floor.

- Fuck me, - she said hoarsely, - Fuck me like the worst bitch!!!

I certainly couldn't stop. I pushed her away so that she lay down with her tits right on the table and her sexy ass sticking out. After my fist had been in her pussy, the penis had nothing to do in there. Wasting no time, I pulled down her panties and rode up her short skirt. My penis ached from incredible tension and desire to stick in somewhere. Gathering the remnants of willpower, I again stuck my whole hand in her pussy, simultaneously taking my fighter out with the other hand. Lola felt the moment and bent back exposing her ass. With the hands she spread her gorgeous buttocks opening her luring anus to my view. I removed the hand out of the pussy and rubbed with that juice my fighter till it shone. The next batch of lube I just moved to the chocolate entrance. Lola’s knees were already giving way in anticipation, and I felt it.

Overcoming very subtle resistance my cock due to the abundance of lubrication easily drove in Lola’s ass. The left hand remained in her cunt. The feeling of double penetration, which was not only visual but as well sensual especially through the thin partition, forced me to fuck her with the hand at the same time. The sensations were unforgettable.

Lola was choking with such intensive fucking. I was increasing the pace. I took the hand out of her vagina, grabbed her pelvis with both hands ramming her back door like a jackhammer. My balls were slapping on her wet pussy, my dick champing like a hungry animal. As for Lola, she was growling like a wounded tigress. I was shouting out inhuman abuses, trying to peck that plump body through.

After another push, I slapped my balls so hard that they ached with pain piercing me to the brain. It was extremely painful and incredibly pleasant at the same time. I was cumming and Lola was growling in ecstasy. All those cries were muffled by salvation bell ringing and calling my colleagues to come back from break to work.

Still shaking I leaned on the sweaty back of the girl. Another five minutes we were breathing like steam locomotives finding no power to get up from the table.

Finally, Lola began stirring beneath me.

- I have to go, - she said.

- Yeah, - I croaked.

She threw the torn shirt down on the floor next to her panties.

- For memory, - she smiled, closed the robe and went to the door.

Exhausted I rolled from the table into the chair.

Standing in the doorway she turned around.

- So, I may come back later? - she smiled.

I smiled back – there was no reason to object.


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