Occasion on the road

I decided to tell you a story that had happened in August, 2013. So, let’s begin. I live in the village. I am 27 years old. Recently I was let out from prison. I was drunk when I had got into the fight with the guys in the village and was sentenced to 2 years. When I was let out of prison, you know, it was very hard to me to find a job.

Well, actually I was barely taken as a seller of watermelons on the road. The job was hell-like. The whole day under the sun + carrying watermelons. But the place of job was not far from my village. I was on the road between two villages, or settlements (as you say). In short, it was a piece of road about 40 meters. On the left hand - one village and on the right hand – the other one. Actually, that day didn’t differ from others in the morning.

I had sold 20 watermelons. It was around 13:00. Five meters from me a car stopped. It was an old Opel. I already got up and thought it was a buyer for my watermelons. But it wasn't. The car windows were not tinted. And I immediately noticed that the driver was a woman and no passengers were in there. As soon as the car stopped, the woman jumped out of the car and ran to a tree unbuttoning her jeans while running simultaneously.

She quickly pulled down her black thong and sat down to pee. The scene made my jaw drop. It all was just 5 meters from me. I decided to shoot a cool video and I quickly pulled out my cell phone. I walked over to the woman and filmed the whole thing. Thw woman had clean-shaven pussy. She looked at me but said nothing. She blushed, but couldn’t stop the process, of course. Oh, the sight was impressive I tell you. Literally in 40 seconds the woman finished and quickly pulled her thong and jeans back on.

- Please, delete the video.

- No way. Such a masterpiece it’s turned out to be. Maybe gonna upload it on YouTube.

- Please, don't do this. I live here in the village. I couldn’t hold it back on the way home. If someone from my village sees it, I’ll be ashamed the whole rest of my life, they will be pointing fingers at me.

I need to describe the woman briefly. She was a slender brunette with tits of the 2-nd sizes and a little plump but still quite delicious ass. Judging by appearance she was about 30-33 years old.

- I can pay for it, just, please, delete the video.

I don’t need money, I'm a man and he can earn myself. But I think you know what I want from you.

- I’m married.

- You choose.

- Blowjob is enough?

I realized the woman would agree for sex, so I rejected the blowjob proposal.

- No. Blowjob is not enough.

- Okay, just give me a word you will delete the video.

- Of course.

The woman went to the site with thick and high bushes. I followed her. Having moved 20 meters away from the road the woman pulled off her jeans and the panties. She rested her hands against the tree and stuck out her ass towards me. I quickly pulled my cock out of the shorts and drove it into the soft woman’s pussy. The woman immediately began moaning loudly. I was fucking her that way for about 10 minutes.

And then she asked.

- A-ah! Hurry up. We can be caught. Ah! Just don't cum inside. Faste-e-er! I was close. But I wanted to cum in the woman. Before I came, I pulled out my cock and sharply pushed it into her ass. The woman wanted to break free, but I held her ass and the waist tight and was ramming her ass. In a minute I started to cum in her ass. Sperm quickly filled up her hole and began flowing out. I took the cock out, her throbbing ass splashing out my sperm. Obviously, the woman was cumming.

- You're awesome! - and I kissed the woman on the cheek.

- What about video?

- Deleting. Look.

I deleted the video and the women headed to the car.

I said:

- Maybe we’ll do it again some day?

- Maybe.

But I didn't see her anymore. That’s the short story that happened to me.


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