So, I'm 27 and I work as anesthesiologist. For those who don’t know, anesthesiologist is the one gives anesthesia. There is a local anesthesia, when a certain part of a body is frozen, and there is general anesthesia when the person is completely disabled. I worked in the department of plastic surgery. The hospital was private and pretty expensive. As you can guess, usually the clients there were rich enough.

Usually, they were models and women of rich fatsos. The most popular surgery was lips, breasts (silicone), nose correction, well, all sorts tuck-up operations. I have worked in this hospital 2 years already. And about a year I’ve been fucking my clients. My task is to prepare a woman for surgery. Giving anesthesia, waiting until the client is off and bringing her on a wheelbarrow to the operating room. But the fact is that after anesthesia I fucked the most beautiful girls. So I decided to tell about one of the numerous occasions.

I knew no woman would bother raising a problem, because it was hard to prove who fucked you, and it would be great shame if discovered. For respectable women it would be the end of career without possibility to prove to their husbands she had been fucked without consent.

The story happened a few months ago. It was a woman of 30 years. Blonde, 177 cm tall, the breasts of the 3-d size, her body was gorgeous. Buttocks were like a peach. She wanted to make her nose a bit smaller. Honestly, only pretty girls used to come to us. Maybe they just have complexes, because our in our clinic we didn’t notice ugly girls. The surgeon and I often tried to persuade women from surgery, but it was useless to convince her if she got in her head that something was wrong with her.

So, let’s get to the point. The woman’s name was Olga.

She stepped into my office and I closed the door.

- Well, Olga, do not be afraid. We are experts. We’ll do everything at its best.

- Will it hurt?

- Of course, not. You’ll be injected with anesthesia. I just need to know whether you prefer general or local one.

- I don't know. What’s the difference?

- Well, local is when you see and feel everything, but it won't hurt. Only blood can get in the throat a little. And general anesthesia is that you fall asleep and then wake up with all surgery done. General is a bit harmful for health. But you won’t feel anything.

- Let it be general.

OK. Here is your robe. Go behind the screen and change clothes.

- Should I put it on the other clothes.

- No, leave just the underwear on. In the operating room everything must be sterile. A minute later the woman came out from behind the screen. The robe was translucent and I already knew what kind of panties she had.

- Now lie down and I'll inject the anesthesia.

After the injection, the woman immediately passed out. I waited a few moments, locked the door and got down to my pleasure. I rode up the robe and immediately pulled off her thong. Her pussy was clean-shaven making me very happy. I put on a condom, came closer to the couch and threw the woman's legs on my shoulders and got down to fucking her pussy. If you do not know, when a woman is unconscious, it’s hard to drove in her vagina. The pussy is so tight that it’s hard to thrust in a finger, to say nothing of a cock. But I always kept Vaseline closely.

After good portion of lubrication my cock was moving easily in her pussy. I rarely fuck women in the ass, but this one was so tempting I just couldn't refuse. This peach was obviously created for a good anal sex. I turned the woman on her stomach and spead her legs to the maximum wide. I put some lube on her anal ringlet and began pushing the cock in. In a couple of minutes, my cock head slipped into her ass. The whole cock couldn’t get in.

I did everything carefully, not to break the ass. I didn’t have much time, it was 10 minutes before the operation. So I made a couple of sharp pushes and in order not to prolong the pleasure I came in her wonderful ass. Then I wiped everything with a napkin and pulled her thong on. The operation was successful and the woman became even more beautiful than she was. Of course, the woman never said a word to anyone, as well as everyone before.


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