Romantic sex

My name is Andrew. I am 20 years old. My girlfriend’s name is Anya. She is 18. We had been dating a long time but we didn’t have sex yet. I loved my Anya more than life and, besides, she still was a virgin. I was very happy my darling was yet pure and innocent. I was treating her with all respect and understanding. I lived alone and while my girl was studying in the college she lived with me temporarily. I was very happy because I felt so good with her.

Little by little I was turning our relationship to the intimate direction. I caressed her body, ate pussy for my baby, etc. I went to the bathroom. While I was washing I heard footsteps and then a knock on the door.

- Andrew, open, please I want to pee.

 I was surprised but let her in and promised not to look. Then the night came. We are going to bed, I’m hugging my sweetheart and then she says:

- Andrew, does sex hurt?

- No, sunny. Why?

- I accidentally saw your penis and it is so...

- So… what, baby?

She said nothing and turned away. I leaned to her to kiss and saw her crying with tears.

- Baby, what’s wrong?

- Nothing, just...

- What’s wrong, honey-bunny?

- Why do you need me?

- Honey, what do you mean, why? I love you!

- I know, you're just older than me and you want sex, but I'm afraid.

- My silly girl, I can wait, no problem. But why are you afraid?

- Well, your penis is so huge!

- Ah... baby, don't be scared.

She kissed me, and whispered:

- Take me.

- Honey, are you sure?

- Yes.

I began kissing her, took off her pajamas and pulled the panties down. My Anya was embarrassed and tried to cover herself with the hands.

- Baby, don't worry, you're okay.

I pushed her hands aside and licked her pussy... Then I got stripped myself. My sweetheart got scared when she saw my cock, she even shed a tear.

- Don’t worry, baby, just look at him, he’s good.

I kissed her forehead and put her hand onto my cock. She trembled.

- Honey, no need to be scared. Come on, he won’t bite.

Anya smiled and took it in her hand.

I taught her how to masturbate. Then I showered my girl with kisses again. Comfortably I laid her on the bed, puty a pillow under her butt, massaged a little her pussy and put the cock against it. Anya flinched but behaved calm.

- My love, I'm getting in. Are you ready?

- Darling, is it gonna hurt?

- Honey, relax. Everything will be fine. I'm with you.

I kissed her and at the same moment plunged in easily and quickly, but immediately almost got deaf from the terrible scream of my beloved.

- A-A_A_AH! Take it out! Andrew, it hurts much! Please! – Anya burst out with tears.

I really didn't expect that it would be so painful for her. Slowly I pulled my cock out and began to calm her down.

- Honey, I'm sorry, you're so good. I love you, you're the best. It’s all over.

When Anya had calmed down more or less, I took her into the bathroom. We washed off the blood, changed the bed sheets, lay down on the bed. I went on calming her down and massaged her pussy at the same time. My baby was trembling all over but rather soon she fell asleep.


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