Pleasant work

Hi. My name is Kate, I'm 25 years old. I’m Russian but I live in San Francisco. Previously I often changed places of job and once I worked in the studio of porn movies. I worked as a casting administrator to choose actors. My first casting was when they were filming a porn parody of a famous movie and my task was to choose a couple with necessary parameters and then watch them having sex. The chosen couple is sent with the administrator to a hotel room and while the couple is having sex, the administrator shoots it and makes a written report over their appearance and the manner of behaving in bed.

My first experience wasn’t easy... I had to select the actors for a sex scene in candlelight. I selected two couples and my task was to make the final choice over their match in bed by the well-known way. I brought them in the hotel room and explain the script in short. The room was ready before our arrival and I set the camera sitting in the chair opposite the huge bed.

It all started with the foreplay with mutual caresses, where the guy showed himself as professional: he was kissing the neck, the breasts and began descending lower, kissing the area around the chest, the tummy, inner side of the thighs and then the pubis. His cunnilingus was the best I have ever seen. I even got excited. He spread her vulvar with the fingers and then with the tip of his tongue he started to lick them, sometimes touching the clit intently. The girl was getting such a pleasure, that her moans made me wish to have such-like pleasure. He inserted a finger in her hole and began driving them in there while he was sucking and biting her clit causing the girl to arch and cum.

Slightly relaxed after the orgasm she decided to make her partner pleased with blowjob. So she reached out to his briefs and pulled out his huge cock and began to lick its head with a drop of pre-cum on it. She licked it off and tried to swallow that cock despite the fact it was so huge, but it plunged in her mouth completely and she began sucking his tool and massaging the balls. The guy moaned while she kept on that slow torture running her tongue over the whole cock. The guy felt like cumming soon, so he raised her, threw on the bed and drove in. He began moving sometimes slowing down or sometimes as fast, that his balls were slapping over her ass evoking loud moans of pleasure from them both.

After a while they changed the position and now the girl was on top and as an experienced horse-woman she was jumping on the dick which stretched her pussy and was driving in completely. She was jumping fiercely and cumming brightly too, so the guy couldn’t hold back long in the third position and after a few minutes he came on her stomach and fell down on the bed next to the girl. This couple definitely matched each other but only as sex partners.

Their sex was awesome and I was so excited that asked them to stay there longer for another pleasant moment, but it was already out of work and connected with another story.


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