My boyfriend forced me to have sex

One day he asked me to spend the night with him. I used to spending nights with him, but there was nothing more than kisses.

His name was Max. He's a tall, young and muscular guy, 19 years old. My name is Marina.

I am a slim and beautiful brunette with green eyes, a lot of guys offered dating but I chose Max. I am 18 years old. And, of course, I'm still a virgin.

So I am at his apartment door ringing the bell. He opened the door.

He: Hello, darling, - kissed me on the lips, - come on, I'll show you your room.

I: Where are your parents?

He: They are gone for a week to the country cottage

He led me into the room. I liked that room, it was very cozy. There were a large bed, a wardrobe, a desk with a computer and one large window.

He: You may get settled and I'll go down to the store.

I: Okay, sweetheart.

While he was away, I looked around, read the magazines of his sisters and had had a shower.

When I was in the shower I heard the doorbell ring, I wrapped myself with a towel, stepped out of the shower and looked in the peep-hole. It was him. I opened the door, he was standing with two full bags in his hands, and surprised with a smile on the face he was looking over my body. 

I: Come on, hurry up, I'm cold (because I was wearing just a towel).

He walked into the kitchen, put the packages down, and as I closed the door he came up to me from behind and whispered “I want you”.

I got very scared and tried to escape from his strong hands. But I couldn’t.

He understood I was going to resist, so he grabbed my hand, with quick steps led me into the bedroom and threw on the bed. I held the towel so it wouldn’t fall off my body. While I was up, he quickly took his shirt off and with slow steps with a grin on his face was approaching me.

He: Sweetie, are you afraid of me? We’ve been together for a long time already.

I: Max, don't do this...

He approached, grabbed my arms and said: “If you resist, I can hurt you”. With these words he threw me on the bed. The towel slipped off me and I was completely naked. He quickly took off his pants.

He: Spread your legs.

I: No... no, Max, don’t do that, please…

He: Everyone goes through this

He moved my legs apart and lay between them on me.

He: Feel the warmth of my body

And he began kissing me, touching over my breasts. He kissed me all over. At that time I was kicking and screaming – “No, Max, don't, please... honey, no...” There he got to my treasure below. He began licking my clit, at that moment I got wet and was feeling so good, that a groan escaped from my lips. He raised his head and said – “That’s it, babe” - and started getting up to me. He passionately kissed me on the lips.

I broke the kiss and said: “Max, honey, don't do it” – but he wouldn't listen to me. I started to push him to get him off me, I was kicking him off as best as I could.

He: Oh well, I warned you.

He took the belt and tied my hands to the edge of the bed. Then he pulled off his pants. And I saw for the first time his penis. It was huge, about 20-22cm. I got scared and started screaming even louder.

He: Scream as much as you want, nobody will hear you. Besides, it's turning me on, - he said gently and with a laugh on his lips.

I started to cry. He spread my legs and whispered in my ear: “Sweetie, now it’ll hurt a little.

I got even more scared, tears flowing over my face like a waterfall.

He began plunging in. I felt uncomfortable. A sharp push in and I screamed so laud that almost got deaf. He held his cock inside of me for a while and went on fucking me. I yelled kicking, but he wouldn't stop. He looked at me from above as a winner, and saw I liked that and with a groan I was biting my lip. He quickened the pace, I felt good, and I dug my nails in his back and started scratching.

He: Yeah, baby, you are scratching like a cat.

Here we were cumming. I came a few seconds faster, and he managed to pull out his cock and came somewhere on the bed. We could barely breathe; he tied off my hands and went out to have a smoke. I was still lying powerless, and as soon as I got my breath back I wanted to dress up but I saw drops of blood on the bed. I went to the shower. Washed, dressed, came back. Max was sitting on the bed. As soon as he saw me, he came up and hugged me.

He: My dear Rose, I'm so sorry... forgive me...

I: No, Maxie, I liked that. Let's do it again tonight.

Max smiled and kissed me.


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