The text message from my wife

This has finally happened. I’ve been waiting a possibility of my wife having sex not with me for a long time. A year, maybe two. First, there were slight hints, then the hints became more direct and finally I confessed to her that I wanted her to have sex with someone else. It was hard to tell that thing to the one I love more than anything in my life, but the desire to experience THAT was not avoidable.

Well, the wife went to rest, we have nearby something like a summer resort house. Of course, I can't provide my wife with a holiday there, my wife didn't expect it as well. The fact is that we are an ordinary family, not quite rich, with a modest but stable income. And then, the wife confesses to me that her ex-boyfriend once hinted to her that he wanted a week to relax from his wife, the children, home and he planned to relax. He invited my wife to go with him as if jokingly. And then something "snapped" and I clung to this idea.

Asked her to go with him and also take a break from the family. The wife was shocked, but soon she liked the idea. She said:

– Do you realize what may happen to me there?

– You still love him? – I asked.

- No, - she answered, - Just it might happen... – she hesitated, – Might happen so... - she didn't finish, but I figured it out.

– You know sweetheart, - and then I burst out, – You know, I want you to have sex with someone else from long ago.

My wife at this time was not shocked, she just looked away and said,

– I suspected something like that in you, but I thought you can't be serious.

- Yeah, I am serious.

– You don't love me anymore? – Asked the wife the typical woman's stupid question. Instead of answering I pulled her to me and said:

– Don't even think about that. Is that clear!

– Why do you want someone to fuck me!

– Can't explain, – I replied, – But I need it for myself. At first I thought it was because I have a small dick and you probably don’t have enough...

– But I do have enough! – She interrupted me.

– I know that, but then I realized that cheating on me is as playing with fire, you know, what if suddenly you fall in love!

My wife gently clung to me and said:

– No, I will not fall in love, definitely not with him.

- But you loved him.

– Yes, I did, but he betrayed me, and I do not forgive treachery. Hey, I have an idea, I will avenge him.

– How are you going to do that?

– I’ll have sex with him and then I’ll say that I have lost not so much, I have you and you are the best for me, and all that stuff.

– Watch it, you don't know what things an angry man is able to do.

- I'll be careful. And then, he's gonna waste the money on whores, and so I’ll have something from him.

– I have only one request.

– What kind?

– When you're having sex, let me know.

– ???

– Just text me with that emoticon ;) okay?

– Okey...

That’s what we agreed on. As the time passed, my wife went to the resort house. Kinda alone. She and her ex intently went at different times. He had to wait for her there already. Whatever they had there I don't know, I'll come and tell you if she tells me. But today I’m sitting and ten minutes looking at the cell phone screen with the symbol ;) The idiotic dream has come true – I'm a cuckold!


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