I was invited to the birthday party of my friend Elvira.

Of course, if I knew how it ended up, I would never have come close to her cottage (where the party was taking place). Or I would have rushed over there as quickly as possible. It depends on your attitude to the incident.

Elvira, a tall slim blue-eyed brunette, was waiting for me, sitting in a chair.

- Hi. These are Sveta and Masha, – she introduced her friends to me.

– Don't be bored here, – she mysteriously winked and walked past me, wagging her hips. My heart missed a beat when I saw her magnificent breasts covered only by a t-shirt.

Sveta, who was older than us (she was a little older than 25), was chattering with Masha about something. From time to time Masha was throwing her thick light red hair back, revealing tanned skin and seductive contour of her delicate shoulders.

Masha’s translucent top was barely hiding her underwear. I was watching her shapes and her scarlet bra outlining her chest, and could never look away. Masha was busy with talking and didn't notice that.

At that moment I was "saved" by Elvira who entered the room with a tray in her hands. My eyes slid over her gorgeous legs in dark stockings and the skirt hiding almost nothing - at that moment my "buddy" betrayed me getting filled up with blood. Elvira noticed that and smiled. I blushed.

The girl, still smiling, handed out the glasses with drinks of chocolate color.

Embarrassed, with my trembling hands I took the glass and drank.

I was as if hit by something soft on the head. Something strange happened with my vision. I looked around the room, before I finally lost consciousness.

I woke up and tried to get up. But I couldn't – I had a feeling as if I was very tightly swaddled, I could only move my fingers.

I was blindfolded and gagged.

I was tossing about in silent hysteria, but I couldn’t move even a little. Thousands of pictures, one worse than the other, flew before my eyes.

– Honey, just relax, – Elvira was standing next to me, - This suit keeps you tight and safe, you are completely in our power.

I ceased to flutter and became a little calmer.

– You know, we are going to live here a few next months, and there are no decent guys over here at all. So I've decided that you'll be our toy. You don't mind, do you? – She asked mockingly.

– Useless to shout – soundproof is all around, – she said, removing the gag and the blindfold.

– Ela, please, we're friends...

Turning my head, I got stunned. Elvira was standing there completely naked.

– Do you want me? - Elvira was the heroine of fantasies of many guys and even some girls.

At this point I realized that not all of my body was covered with latex. My cock and the buttocks were open.

– Yes, this is just in case. If you're not gonna be a good boy – then it’s possible that your buddy will be separated, - She took scissors from a bedside table and snapped with them in the air a couple of times.

And although I was sure it was a bluff anyway, I swallowed nervously.

I heard groaning in the other side of the room. Turning my head I saw Masha standing on her knees and licking Sveta’s pussy, who was sitting in the chair. Sveta was the one moaning.

- The greatest pleasure is the tongue of your friend in THERE, - Ela smiled, – But you will serve us good as well.

She sat down next to me and ran her soft fingers over my buddy.

Meanwhile, Masha and Sveta appeared standing next to us.

Elvira sat on my face. Realizing that I have no way out, I touched her pussy with my tongue.

- Well, come on...

I began licking her and trying to get into all corners. At that moment someone's gentle hand was caressing my organ.

Despite the fact that a moment ago I almost cried with humiliation, now I was on seventh heaven with pleasure.

Sveta sat on my cock and plunged it in. Masha was lying next to us caressing herself with fingers.

I don't remember how long it all lasted.

Sveta got up and quickly tied a string around my cock at the root.

– Honey, it's only the beginning, – she smiled, – Don’t get exhausted too soon.

Ela came and lay beside.

Masha used the chance of my being “available” and sat on me. Despite the fact that my tongue was almost numb, I began to please her. She leaned down and kissed my dick. She covered it with kisses, and then captured the cock head with her lips.

I ceased controlling myself and moaned on the wave of pleasure.

- I think he's had enough.

– Wait, Masha, – Elvira walked over to the bedside table.

Sveta turned me on my stomach and spanked several times on my butt.

– Don't be afraid. It doesn't hurt.

With unpleasant surprise I looked at Elvira who was choosing between two strap-ons.

– No, Ela, please… don't...

Sveta playfully put the gag in my mouth.

– Don't move.

I still tried to break free even when they were smearing my buttocks with gel.

I was touched with the cold material of the strap-on. Masha and Sveta were holding me tight, without leaving a subtle chance to avoid this.

Elvira drove in me. Because of the gag my screams turned into muffled moaning.

But, despite I was crying with pain, that process was bringing me fantastic pleasure.

After a while Elvira ceased tormenting me.

Masha and Sveta were trying on other tools. But I did not care anymore...


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