Our cashier Larissa was married and had a child, a brunette of small stature, with small neat tits and tempting ass. She was 29 years old.

Larissa and I had quite friendly relations, we communicated good as colleagues, constantly having fun laughing. The fact that she was older than me did not bother at all.

I liked Lara both as a person and as a woman. She often smiled at me and asked why such a handsome guy is still single. He was supposed to date and sleep with somebody. I joked answering and thinking that it would be good to fuck Larissa.

One night we had office party in the corporate cafe, all were pretty drunk, and going to go home. Larissa also was already drunk, but protested against the proposal to finish the party. I supported her, but when all refused, I asked her to go to my place and continue the party together. She noticed anything strange, and agreed. We drove to the store, took wine and went to me. We were sitting in the kitchen, drinking wine and chattering about different stuff. She again started talking about my need to find a girl.

"I wouldn’t refuse from sex now", I told her and moved to her, wrapped my arms around and hugged her. Started kissing her neck, and with my free hand reached under her skirt. "What is it, stop it!!" she began, but as soon as I touched her pussy, she stopped complaining and breathed heavily. "You're not against to fuck right now", I whispered in her ear.

We decided to go to the bedroom. She took off her clothes. She looked wonderful: black lacy underwear, black stockings. I immediately began to kiss her and touch her ass. I hastily got undressed and threw her on the bed. Pulling the panties off, I got down to her pussy, and got in, there was so wet, it turned me on, and I started fucking her at a quick pace. She moaned, "Oh, my husband just stopped fucking me"

Then she moaned: "let me make you feel good". I pulled the cock out of her pussy, she pushed me onto my back, moved lower and began sucking. "Lucky your husband is, you suck so good", I said. "I do not suck my husband", she distracted for a moment and got down to sucking again. I was tuned on much with those words. I grabbed her head and began pulling her tender mouth on my cock.

Then I put her on her all fours, got a place from behind, grabbed her hair and started to hammer her pussy. She groaned loudly, I was excited, and I was digging in even harder. And then I came on her ass and smeared the cum over with my dick. Oh, what a juicy ass she has.

After that, she fell back, not even wiping off. She turned to me, kissed me on the lips and whispered, "I feel so nice with you... I wish every day like that."

I fucked Larissa further on. Several times I fucked her even at work.

And once we my friend and I both fucked her in the sauna.

Someday I’ll tell you about it.


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