Morning sex

That was one of the most memorable adventures in my life. My name is Lily, I'm 28, I'm a happy wife and mother. However, when I was 25, I was terribly hungry for sex. I loved the idea that I’d have sex with a new person, or an old friend, or my husband, or a girlfriend. I used to consider sex as the highest form of happiness and having fun. 

I lived alone, in the two-storeyed apartment, well furnished apartment. On the second floor there was a bedroom with large wooden bed. The ceiling was mirrored, I know I know... Tell me it's like in a cheap porn film, but you know I like it. I loved to watch myself and a partner while having sex. When his back is straining on my body, the buttocks are compressed and move faster... 

I once met a man on an Internet sex dating site, he promised to drop in on his way to work. I opened the door being in just a bra and thong, he did not waste time and led me immediately to the bedroom. As we walked, he undressed and I appreciated his already standing member. Long and thin, the head is wider and slightly elongated, his cock was like a snake, and I imagined how it squirms inside of me, and threw him on the bed.

Threw one leg over him and began pulling on him, the head got in easy, the cock as well good, and through after a while, I realized it was all in, however, he put his hands on my hips and began pressing tighter to me. I was uncomfortable but I continued to obey him. 

Gradually I got adapted to his length and began to move, first slowly, then faster, and three minutes later I was jumping on him madly. He couldn’t move in time with me, but I didn't care. I took his hand, index and middle fingers I stuck in the mouth and began to suck, his other hand he squeezed my breasts, squeezed the nipples, then twisted one nipple and the sharp slap followed, the other nipple was twisted and a slap again. 

I pulled his fingers from the mouth and brought them to the clit, he quickly got it and began fingering it, it went not very good at all because I was either away from him then with a smacking sound down to his pubis, but he did not despair, and carefully stimulated the clitoris as hard as he could. 

I slid off of him and stood on my knees in the doggy-style pose. He immediately got from my behind and started fucking me. His testicles were slapping on my ass for a few minutes, I felt that he was trying to poke his index finger in my mouth, I gladly sucked him, he banged me like it was the last time. I came 10 times but he still couldn't cum yet. 

Then I got out from under him, turned around to face his dick and started to suck. I licked his cock head, got down to his testicles, and then unexpectedly even for myself I swallowed it completely, let the whole cock in the throat and my tongue licked the balls, feeling the warmth in my throat... 

He came, he was happy, I was happy, because in the morning I had been fucked properly.


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