Dating site

I'm 22, a tall and athletic guy. I registered on a dating site. And one day I got a message from a stranger.

- Would you like to meet?

I immediately replied.

- You're an idiot, I'm not a gay, read the profile.

- You misunderstood. I'm not a gay either. I'm married.

- Well, what do you want?

The man was 30 years old.

- Well, yesterday my wife was looking through profiles on this site and she liked you.

I got interested. I decided to continue the dialogue.

- Why are you on this site if you are married?

- I'm looking for a guy for my wife. I love to watch her being fucked by another man.

This conversation made my cock get up.

- And now you want me to fuck your wife?

- Would you like?

I still couldn’t believe it was a man I was talking to, I thought it was a kind of cheap deception.

- Well, can you send a picture of your wife.

- I can.

And the man sent me a picture.

The woman was gorgeous. The photo was from the sea, where the woman was standing in a bathing suit. Tall brunette with breasts of 3 size, beautiful waist and the ass.

My dick became like a stone.

- How do you like my wife?

- Cool. But I think this photo is just from the Internet.

- No, that’s we're at the sea last year. Would you like to have another photo of us together.

And the man sent the photo with him hugging the woman.

- So you want me to fuck her in front of your eyes, don’t you?

- Yes.

- I can’t believe this.

- Why? Let's meet in a cafe to discuss everything. And then you'll decide.

I didn't know what to say.

- Ok, let's meet.

We agreed about the place of meeting.

I came into the cafe and looked around. Saw no one at the appointed time and was about to leave.

But then I noticed that couple approaching me.

The woman looked even better in real.

She was wearing a white blouse and a black skirt that hugged her ass tight.

- Hello.

- Hi.

We sat at the table.

I was very shy and didn't know how to start the conversation.

- Well, that's my wife. Won’t you say again that’s the photo from internet. By the way, I am Oleg, this is Olga.

- Sasha. Nice to meet you.

-And to us. The woman answered.

- Do you have a girlfriend?

The woman asked.

- No. If I had, why would I want to chat on a dating site.

- Well, that’s reasonable. I blurted out something strange. I'm sorry. I just worry.

- That's all right.

- Do you like me?

- Yes. You are very beautiful.

- Thank you. So, have you decided to go to our home.

And the woman slyly looked at me.

- I decided, just one thing I want to say before on women.

The man told me.

- As we agreed I was only looking.

And we called a taxi and after 10 minutes I was already at their home. The apartment was expensive and after good repair. It was comforting to me. At least will not steal me.

The woman took my hand and said:

- Let’s go to the shower.

I was ready to go with her to the world’s end.

And having come into the bathroom she started to undress.

I threw the clothes off in a minute and walked over to her and began touching her ass.

We got under a hot shower and the woman started jerking off my cock.

- Wow, that’s nice. I love it.

And the woman turned back to me and bent over.

I immediately entered her pussy.

- Mmm… that’s what I need. Come quickly into the bedroom.

And the woman dried herself with a towel and went out wagging her ass.

I quickly followed her.

Her husband was sitting in the chair and wanking his cock.

Olga lay down on the bed and widely spread her legs. I lay down on her, turned my cock to her and made a sharp push.

The member plunged into her wet hole.

- Mmmm… it’s just super. Fuck my pussy.

And I began to fulfill the desire of Olga.

The woman moaned louder.

I was fucking her about 30 minutes and I already began pouring sweat. I lay down on the bed and the woman straddled me.

She sat with her pussy on my boner and began to move her ass slightly rising.

The woman caressed her breasts, which bounced each time she got down.

A few minutes later the woman stood up, took my cock in her hand and turned it up in the ass. She began slowly pulling her ass on my cock. When the cock plunged in completely, the woman began jumping. But I wanted even faster. I put the woman on all her fours and began pecking her ass.

The man was close to cum while masturbating. And he approached his wife and gave her in the mouth. In a minute the man came in his wife's mouth. I was still ramming her ass. The woman rubbed her pussy with her hand. And I felt her ass began squeezing my cock, trying to push him out. I stuck it as deep as possible and began to cum. The woman began screaming and twitching. I held her by the waist and wanted every last drop got down in her ass. When I came I let the woman go and she fell down on the bed, with the legs tucked up and moaning.

After 10 minutes I said:

- Mayby we’ll continue?

 - Wow, you are so insatiable. 

And she posed on her all fours again.

After that occasion we began dating very often.


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