One evening me and my friend Lena were drinking beer in a vacant lot behind the students’dorm. We were sitting on the bench and chatting. It was summer we were wearing light loose dresses. After the third bottle we began talking loudly and laughing, in general it was fun. 

The beer was ending we were going to leave and then we were approached by a man of about 50 and asked if we wanted to drink champagne. We were surprised because he was a total stranger, as for champagne we didn’t mind to drink it but we did mind to go somewhere for it. But the man told us there was no need to go somewhere, he would deliver it right there. He opened a small briefcase and took out two bottles of champagne from it. 

Lena and I asked him to open one bottle, but then he said that he had one provision. He gives champagne, we give our cunts for him to lick over. 

We thought he was joking, but he said he just likes to eat pussies, but not every girl agrees. We thought about it and said that if he buys a bottle more for each, we agree. Lena said she wanted to piss first, but he asked to do that later. He lay on the bench, and Lena sat on his face fidgeting on it and then told him, she was ready.

It was the first time I saw it and I was very excited. Lena was fidgeting over his face and drinking champagne right from the bottle at the same time. Suddenly she stood up and said she needed to piss. But the man pulled her back and asked her to pee in his mouth. She shrugged and fell back. I was watching all eyes, but because the man's face was under Lena’s dress I almost didn't see anything. Soon she started moaning and actively fidgeting over his face. Then she cried out, went limp and whispered: “I’ve cum”. 

She stood up and the man looked at me and said it was my turn. It was a little weird to sit down on the man’s face but I sat comfortably and felt him licking. I relaxed. The sensation was cool. I even lifted up the hem of my dress watching the process. Soon I came as well, and got off his face coming to senses. 

The man thanked us, wiped his face with a handkerchief and then gave us his phone number saying that if we call him he would eagerly eat our pussies. When he left, Lena said she had already had such experience when someone licked her pussy for money or something else. We called a few times to this man when we wanted to have fun or relax and he always came and licked our pussies.


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